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Dagur is born amidst thunder and lightning! The Chiefs are gathered!
0- October

It was a dark and stormy night. Lighting and thunder filled the air. For once, the members of the Berserker Tribe stayed calmly inside, instead of charging outside to revel in the wild fury. This night was not like others, even as this storm was unlike others. The seemingly endless lightning was often followed by powerful thunder, louder than usual, but it was just as often silent. Silent lightning- that can have but one explanation.

"Skrill," they murmured to each other. "Only Skrill bring lightning without thunder."

"Aye, and it's a powerful omen, one being here tonight."

"Chief Oswald's first child is being born, and the Skrill is the symbol of our Tribe."

"A-yep. It's been a while since we last saw one of them. Times of great change are upon us. It's no accident, the first Skrill we've seen in years enjoying the worst thunderstorm we've seen in nearly as long, on the night of the Heir's birth."

"Times of Change, aye. But for good or Ill?"

"Ah, who can say? None but the Gods know, not yet at least."

"Hush! Do ya hear that?"

"What, the screaming? We've been listening to it all night."

"Yes, but listen closer- It's not Magnhild crying out anymore!"

"Ah! The child is born!"

"Everyone! Outside! Let show the Gods how grateful we are!"

"Yeeaaahh!" "Come On!" "Aaahrrgg!" (and various other exclamations!)

The Berserker Warriors, overcome by their joy, raced outside into the fierce thunderstorm, and braved a powerful Skrill's lightning to show how happy they were. Heedless to the danger, their insanity laughed in the face of nature's worst, and they howled to the skies. Soon after the warriors left their homes, they were joined by the Chief himself, howling in love and fury with the rest of them. In the midst of their revelry, Oswald told his Tribe the good news: both mother and child were hale and hearty, and he had a son: Dagur.


The next day, Chief Oswald had his swiftest messengers sail to the other islands in the Barbaric Archipelago, carrying letters to the other Chiefs. The Chiefs would arrive in two weeks?, and a there would be a grand celebration over Dagur's birth.

The Chiefs arrive, much feasting and celebration, Dagur is presented to the lot of them, Stoick and Oswald sign a treaty (for the first time? Oswald is feeling sentimental? does anyone know when Oswald's title actually changed?). I will expand on all of this later, for now you just get to know that it happened. Sorry.
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