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David and Connie have a dramatic dentist visit.
The Adventures Of David And Connie-The Dentist Appointment

By Shadowgate
It was 9AM and the O'Connor Children were in the waiting room of Doctor Bill Cummings. David was irritated by the pictures of clowns along with a playpen in the waiting room.

13-year-old David was called in by the receptionist. He went in and lied down into the dentist chair. Molly Sherman came in and said "okay David, I need you to sit still and not squirm. I have a six-year-old girl who will be next and I need you to set an example for her."

David was irritated by the demand and then Molly started scraping his teeth.

"David you need to brush better" Molly said.

After she spent 15 minutes scraping his teeth she started with the drill. David did his best to put up with her lack of a bed side manner.

(30 minutes later.)

Eight-year-old Connie entered the dentist's office. Another lady cleaned Connie's teeth while David moved over to another chair.

Doctor Cummings came in and said, "David let me have a look here."

The dentist poked around David's mouth.

One hour later both children came out into the waiting room.

Linda asked, “how did it go?”

David got pissed off and replied "It was a dentist visit do you think it was fun?"

Linda snapped "shh!"

Linda saw Connie and rushed to comfort her. Linda then paid the receptionist and when they exited the dentist's office into the parking lot Linda yelled "everyone in that waiting room was in shock over how loud you were. I should have spanked you right there."

David just ignored her then he spit on the ground.
Linda became furious and yelled "David why did you just spit? That's disgusting and I've had it with you."

David shot back "I just had dental treatment I'm entitled to spit on the fucking concrete."

Linda had what amounted to hatred in the look of her eyes.

David asked "what the hell were you holding Connie for in the waiting room?"

Linda answered "she looked like she was about to cry."

David shot back "the ladies who clean our teeth are not very nice."

Linda snapped "David that's enough."

(20 minutes passed before they both calm down.)

Connie chimed in "one of the kids bit one of the ladies."

David said "she tried to get the kid to open his mouth and he bit her then she yelled (David's voice goes high pitched) 'you little bastard!"

All three of them start laughing.


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