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The Unicorn General Conquers the World for Writers Cramp
The Unicorn General Conquers the World
37 lines

Sam Adams
was a paranormal researcher
he was searching
for mystical creatures
that he was sure
still existed somewhere.

The banshees, bigfoot, the centaurs,
the demons, the dragons, the giants,
the hellhounds, the minitours, the leprechauns.
The snowmen, the unicorns, and yeti.

Sam Adams found a book
the legendary infamous necormicron.
Which many had dismissed
as nothing but a story
by Lovecraft and his fellow
demented writers.

Chanting from the book,
He opened the door
the first through
was the king of the unicorns.

He brought with him
thousands of his followers
who launched a war
against the modern world.

The unicorn and his army
quickly overwhelmed the world
appointed Sam Adams
as their ambassador,

the unicorn smiled
at his victory
it had been a long time
living in exile
in the other dimensions.

NEW PROMPT: Tomorrow, April 9, is National Unicorn Day ! Write a story or poem about someone befriending a unicorn (this can be "real" or a toy or a fantasy or whatever).

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