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Self-Help words when I need them.
Have you ever thought long and hard about the mistakes that happened in our lives?
Really think about your past, what did I do/
What could I have done?
The many choices that turned out bad.
Too late now to fix it all, keep moving forward and forge ahead.
Did I teach enough? , Did they learn enough?
Will you really remember me for any good I've done?
You've turned out wel, each one of you.
My life was always so very hard..
Why? To build strength through my flaws, maybe

This Mother's Love
This mother's love is simpleand true,
I feel it all because of you,
All that mattered is what was brought to me,
All this joy, Oh don't you see/
God gave me you to fulfill my plans,
Now you've grown to be a man,I tried so hard to make you youm
Now I see what you can do.
I have been blessed so far indeed,
To follow through, this special need,
I found a love I've never had,
Aren't ou proud to be his das?
It won't end here, I'm sure you nsee,
This mothers love will always be,
Thank you God for all these days,
Now my life is no longer just a haze.

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