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Describing our cellphone usage as that of an extra plate at one's life buffet table

This homebird woman is having a lunch at a Korean Japanese restaurant.
“Sorry? Front Dish? What’s that?”
An extra bowl to share the pot of soup?
Only thinking about the word Sikgu for the family
sharing food from the same pot.
The other two women requested their front dishes
to serve their own assorted samplers to the table.
A wakeup call for me still in hibernation

I proudly announced when I came home.
“I acquired a new word, a Front Dish!”
“You didn’t know Front Dish? That’s not a new word.”
Since that day, my Sikgu, co-eater from “the same pot”
uses his front dish like a baby’s bib
“I want to catch my droppings.”

The day a cordless phone became
a wireless “Selfone,”
I took the world in my clutches
using it as a timely front dish
to share morsels with friends from news buffet
to feast on eye candies without sitting in an armchair
getting busy not to miss out on kids’ current status

I could wolf down its astounding benefits endlessly
if I were into video games or roller skating for followers and sponsors,
wouldn’t even cook, ordering foods shopping all you need
at the fingertips.

Rather, only things unavailable
on my front dish "Selfone" are few:
a hand mirror, papers for my pencil,
and a piano

Wait, just one more:
Be sure to leave behind on your way to the grave,
your diary

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