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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Adult · #2271101
A love story between Naruto and Samui
After the war: Naruto is assigned to a mission with Samui.

Naruto: Hmmm… where is the lady Kakashi Sensei was talking about…

Samui: Are you… Naruto Uzumaki?….

Naruto: That’s me. (Wow she’s pretty…)

Samui: It’s a pleasure to meet you.

Naruto: No, it’s a pleasure to meet you! You can just call me Naruto!

Samui: *Smiles and blushes little* Alright. (He has a cute smile)

Naruto: Well, let’s go!

[They then find a place to set camp]

Naruto: This is a good area! Let’s set up our camp here.

[After they finish]

Naruto: Man. I’m hungry…

Samui: A little snack would be nice.

Naruto: Hold on… *Pulls out ramen* My favorite.

Samui: Ramen?

Naruto: Yeah! It’s super good. I’ll cook it up.

Naruto: *Cooks ramen*

*Bushes rustle*

Naruto: (Someone’s here!) Shh! Get down!

Naruto: *Pushes Samui down*

Naruto: …….

Naruto: I guess it‘a just me. No one’s there, sorry about tha-

Samui: *Blushing a little*

Naruto: *Blushes* S-sorry…

Naruto: …… umm….. oh! Ramen! Yeah! The ramens done!

Naruto: *Eats ramen*

Naruto: Here! Try it!

Samui: (He used the chopsticks..) Okay…

Samui: *Tries it*

Samui: This is really good.

Naruto: See?!

[Naruto and Samui then talk until night, when Naruto finds a small hot spring]

Naruto: Oooh! A hot spring. I’m gonna take a dip.

Naruto: *Takes clothes off and jumps in*

Naruto: This is great…

Naruto: *Hears splashing*

Naruto: (Who was that?!)

Naruto: *Walks over* Hello?!

Naruto: *Peeks over corner and sees Samui*

Naruto: Samui?

Samui: N-Naruto?!!

Samui: *Covers her naked body and sinks into water*

Naruto: Hey! What are you doing here?

Samui: *Blushing* (He almost saw me)

Naruto: *Goes over* Sorry about that.

Samui: D-do you not feel anything after seeing me like that?!

Naruto: Hm? Not really.

Samui: P-pervert-

Naruto: You can call me that. I’ve never seen a naked woman before. I never had parents to grow up with so I don’t know.

Samui: I-I’m sorry…

Naruto: *Sighs* It’s fine. I still have a lot of people who love me. You’re my friend, right?

Samui: *Starts to feel really bad*

Naruto: Hey. Don’t feel bad. You didn’t know.

Samui: O-Okay…

Naruto: I’m gonna have to step out for a bit to cool down my body. *Steps out*

Samui: *Blushes* W-what are you doing?!!!

Naruto: What?

Samui: I have never seen a naked man before!!

Naruto: Well we’re in the same boat. I don’t mind. You can look if you want.

Samui: *Blushing* Is it alright if I observe?…

Naruto: Sure.

Samui: *Touching his abs*

Samui: *Goes down to his penis*

Samui: (The size is beyond normal…)

Naruto: You done yet?

Samui: *Blushing* Y-yes.

Naruto: Alright. *Goes back down*

Samui: (I have to show him now)

Samui: N-Naruto…

Naruto: Yeah?

Samui: *Shows naked body and penis*

Naruto: *Blushes*

Samui: T-this is my body.

Naruto: A-a penis?!!

Samui: It’s alright if you think it’s gross… I don’t have a vagina. It’s been replaced by a penis.

Samui: *Ashamed* I’ll be taking my leave now…

Naruto: Wait!!

Samui: (?….)

Naruto: Don’t go! Stay with me!

Samui: I’m afraid I don’t understand-

Naruto: Truth is, I really like the fact that you have a penis!! You’re totally my type!

Samui: *Blushes really hard* W-w-w

Samui: (He loves me? I’m being loved?! Impossible!!)

Samui: P-please stop lying!!!

Naruto: I’m not lying!!

Samui: *Blushes even harder* I-impossible!!! Prove it to me!!

Naruto: (If it’s come to this!!!) *Kisses Samui*

Samui: *Blushes really, really hard* Mmmmh~~~?!!!!

Samui: (A-a-a- k-kiss??!!!)

Naruto: *Uses tongue*

Samui: Mmmmh~~~?!!!

Samui: *Starts to feel erotic* (What is this feeling?!)

Samui: *Slowly gets an erection*

Samui: (This is bad… I’m getting an erection….)

Naruto: *Hugs Samui’s hips*

Samui: (This is what physical love feel like?!! It feels….. amazing….)

Naruto: *Breaks kiss*

Samui: Mmmmuuaaaahh~~~~~~!!!! *Saliva string*

Samui: *Panting heavily*

Naruto: (Wow, she is beautiful…)

Naruto: *Blushing* T-there’s the proof!!!

Samui: *Erect penis throbbing*

Naruto: Are you… having an erection?….

Samui: I-it was quite unexpected… so I was a bit surprised….

Naruto: No but really… why?

Samui: (….) F-fine…. it felt amazing…. That’s why….

Naruto: (Amazing?…) Say, would you like more?

Samui: *Blushing* (I would love for more….)

Samui: I-I’m afraid I can’t…

Naruto: O-oh…

Samui: *Blushing* (I need more!!)

Samui: W-wait!!!

Naruto: Yeah?

Samui: *Blushing* *Spreads out legs and shows ass*

Naruto: *Blushing*

Samui: (I look ridiculous… what am I doing…)

Naruto: R-really?!!

Samui: *Surprised* H-huh?… O-oh… Yes…

Naruto: This is my first time, but I think I know how to do this.

Samui: (This is the first time I’ve ever let a man touch me… I’m putting my trust into this boy…)

Naruto: Here I go! Tell me when to stop if it ever hurts. Alright?

Samui: O-okay… (He’s the right one after all…)

Naruto: *Inserts finger*

Samui: Mmmh~~~!

Samui: (It’s going in….)

Samui: Mmmhhaah~~~~….

Naruto: *Reaches end*

Naruto: You alright?

Samui: Aaah~~~… Y-yes~~~….

Samui: *Penis leaks a bit*

Naruto: (Oh, she’s leaking a bit. Guess I’ll keep going.)

Naruto: If you ever feel uncomfortable, tell me.

Samui: O-okay…

Naruto: *Massages prostate*

Samui: Mmmmaaahh~~~~~……

Samui: (O-oh my…. This feels…. Amazing…..)

Samui: *Breathing heavily while covering mouth*


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