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The Whatever Contest - April 2022
b{/b}I am attempting to write a poem about horror. Horror is something that we face on a day-to-day basis. I watched an old movie called, "The Blob". I had nightmares about being chased around by this blob and was being eaten by this thing. So, I have decided to do a poem on, "The Horror of the Blob-Glob".

I dreamt about a blob,
which turned into a glob.
Nightmares began to form in my mind.
The visions I had weren't kind.
This put grinding thoughts into my head,
every time I went to bed.

It was scary, thinking about this blob,
when suddenly it grew into a huge monstrous glob.
What was I supposed to do?
After all, it chased me everywhere I went.
I wondered if a spell of some sort was sent to me.
Was someone using voodoo on me?

Horrified by this blob of a glob,
I was captured by the ugliness,
the smell, and the sliminess of its
embrace. I was put into a trance; I
couldn't move. I thought that I was a goner.

Seeing how horrific this glob was,
I decided to put up a fight; believe me,
it wasn't easy to lure it away from me.
For reasons far beyond explanation,
an idea occurred. I thought that if that
brain of mine could talk to this glob, then I
could somehow shrink myself down,
so I could be tiny enough to get up and walk away.

The plan worked; I was so tiny that
the glob couldn't see me. I
walked away; I found it to be a
wonderful day. There were times when
I would think about the glob, but then
I would shrink myself out of its hold
on me. Thank goodness, the glob no
longer haunts me.

37 Lines

Written by Anna Marie Carlson
Sunday, April 10, 2022

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