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by Zehzeh
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Contest Entry · #2271138
A romantic walk before supper

'The fireflies will be out tonight.' Chubb observed as he unpacked his suitcase. 'It's summer and there's a swamp down there.' He flapped a hand at the hotel garden and the line of trees beyond, bearded with Spanish moss.

'Arrrgghhh!' Lacey spread her arms and shuffled, stiff-legged across their room. 'Urrrgggh!' She made an awkward spin and her flailing hand banged on the air conditioning control. 'Ooooh.' Standing next to the sudden blast of cold air she grinned. 'That's better!' Then went back into zombie mode to lurch into her new husband and knock him onto the honeymoon bed. 'Fancy a bit of zombie flesh, then?' She laughed.

'Only the bits that drop off.' Chubb mimed eating a lump of meat. 'Speaking of which, I'm starving. A shriveled sandwich and a lukewarm tea aren't enough for a growing boy.'

Lacey laughed and glanced out of the window. 'It's getting dark. How about we have an aperitif on the patio, watch the sunset and then search for eats?' She gave a hip wriggle. 'I'll just slip into something less comfortable.'

The patio was lit by overhead oil lampsand candles on every small table. A faint tang of citronella made Chubb's nose tickle but it did keep the mozzies at bay. He shot a lascivious glance at Lacey, sitting with her long legs crossed elegantly at the ankle. She twinkled at him and he licked his lips in reply.

'Supper time.' She slid to her feet and held out her hand. 'Let's see what's on the menu.'

'You're the boss.' Her long, slim fingers were cool in his.

The two lovers wandered along the boardwalk, under the trees, the Spanish moss making massive cobwebs. Fireflies flickered their mating codes, camoflaging other glowing spots that steadily watched and waited. As the couple passed, they were unaware of the eldritch eyes followed them. They did not hear the padding of beast's paws, nor see the long, sleek body slide along behind them.

Until it was too late.

Ghost white, Orochimaru twined around the pair, binding them closer together in the last of their lives. They had no time to scream, or even gasp, as she tightened and squeezed the air from their lungs. As their faces suffused and their protruding tongues turned purple they turned their pleading eyes to the lambent eyes of the snake woman. She smiled.

With a silent bound Chupacabra was upon them, his slavering muzzle at their throats, sinking hollow fangs into a throbbing artery, sucking the life's juices into his stomach. As the body deflated, Orochimaru tightened her coils and applied her jaws to tender flesh, ripping it clear and swallowing it whole. Around them, the fireflies went out.

Hand in hand, Chubb and Lacey strolled up the path to the patio. Above them, a full moon peeked around a black cloud, in its light, it looked as if their eyes glowed.

'Oh, Chubby.' Lacey sighed. 'You've got blood on your chin.' She kissed it.

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