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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Comedy · #2271142
McConnel awaits a Trump Terminators entrance to damage Democracy.
Terminator music:
Ta tunk
Tunkta tunk tunk tunk.
Big electrical ball of disturbance lights up an alley for 6 seconds to reveal naked Trump.
He claims, "Oh I didnt know", as if mocking a disabled Journalist. He hears a scratchy laugh from inside a burning dumpster, approaches it.
Trump asks, "Are you Mitch McConnell?" Mitch is wearing a snail suit...because Walmart ran out of worm costumes. "I am Mitch, and I unofficially run America, are you the Terminator we have been expecting to destroy Democracy with Putins guidance?"
Trump jumps into the burning dumpster next to Mitch. "Your cloves, geev dem to me." Mitch scratchy laughs. Takes off the snail suit revealing a worm suit underneath it. Trump puts on the elastic snail suit. He now looks like the Michelin Tires mascot.
Both men stank up the alley from burning costume smell. "I have one more item for you to complete your journey", Mitch exclaims. He attempts to hand Trumps tiny hands a gun, which he drops 5 times.
Trump thoroughly looks over the weapon. Mitch asks, "Are you going to destroy Democracy, are you going to become our President, are you going to become Rupert murdochs body guard like the FCC?"
Trump begins to speak. BANG!!! The gun goes off inadvertently and shoots Trump in the foot, his vital organs there.
The movie ends.
Ta tunk
Tunkta tunk tunk tunk.
While credits roll, a city trash truck driven by a Black worker wearing a voting rights t-shirt pulls up to the dumpster, grabs an extinguisher to put out the fire. He notices the crumpled body of the Trump Terminator at McConnells feet, then stares at Mitch.
Mitch glares at the mans logo on his shirt. The city worker follows his eye trajectory, then glances down, then back up at smoldering Mitch. "You showed up in the nick of time", Mitch proclaims, then scratchy laughs. The worker jumps into his vehicle to finish his trash run.
Up goes the dumpster hoisted over the cab of the trash truck by its massive hydraulic lift. Mitch and the Trump terminator make a loud solid thump as they plop out of the dumpster and into the trucks rear receptacle. Malfunctioning Trump repeatedly yells, "boing, boing, boing, It's a hoax!"
The End
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