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by Shawn
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My attempt at a myth
Mythology is a fascinating subject. I have always learned that there is some truth to messages in ancient myths but I have also pondered how. In what seems to be wild figments of the imagination are actually stories with some familiar traits. So a moral lesson is usually I think the intention of the storyteller and this is what I will try attempting. My short story will be a modern twist on ancient mythology.

Every day, Shawn would go to work. He would wake up, brush his teeth and then buy a bagel with coffee on his walk to the train. He followed this morning ritual for as long as he had been working. Same time, same bagel with coffee and same subway platform. His goals remained the same therefore so must his routine.

One day however he had a visit. It was first thing in the morning and he was just about to brush his teeth. The water droplet had surprised Shawn. His not so threatening size was over compensated by his very large ego. "Who art thou that brusheth thy teeth"? Shawn refused to answer and the water droplet announced himself as "King of the Tap" his commanding stance now more apparent. King of the Tap? More silence was followed by another interruptive comment. "Day in and day out you continue on this path of yours, you believe you may be headed somewhere, and indeed you might. There may however be a shortcut and I happen to know the way". 'A shortcut?' Shawn thought.

He had followed everything he was taught as a young boy yet he had never heard of any shortcut. Could this all be true? "I'm listening" remarked Shawn. "Well then" replied King of the Tap, "Make haste for today you shall be late and thy work will have to wait!" And at this very moment he remembered what he had once been told by a an old friend. "

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