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off the cuff. rough draft.
Living within my mind is just a game.
Hiding in plain sight is just the same.
Living upon the extreme edges of this game.
Hiding what I do is just so lame.
Without money do you really exist?
Sharing with others though out my entire life.
Giving’s what is needed to prevent world strife.
Sharing my creativity freely robbed me of life.
Giving’s its own reward cost me a wife.
Without flowers can you make honey?
Hurting without an existence cost the world peace.
Healing pain will give my life a release.
Hurting others through war shall not bring peace.
Healing only comes through extending life a lease.
Without purpose does life have meaning?
Love in my heart has healed many situations.
Hate set aside has filled me with solutions.
Love is required to heal our current situations.
Hate extinguishes life without unity in the solutions.
Without forgiveness can you have harmony?

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Common rules will weather any storm.
Without reason we have no rules.
Equality is a fundamental human right.
This will lead humanity to unite.
We must set aside our hate.
Else we will seal our fate.

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