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Money is the root of all evil.
Money can buy,
A diamond ring.
Money can put your
Ass in a sling.

Money can buy blood,
It cannot buy life.
It can buy a mansion and
A mail order wife.

Money can buy a bed,
It cannot buy sleep.
You can have lots of it,
The harvest you still reap.

Money can buy a computer,
It cannot buy a brain.
You can save it,
Or pour it down the drain.

Money can buy food,
It cannot buy an appetite.
You can hide it,
Or be in the spotlight.

Money can buy a face lift,
It cannot buy beauty.
It can buy you some,
Other guys booty.

Money can buy a house,
It cannot buy a home.
It can buy drugs,
You can stay stoned.

Money can buy luxury,
It cannot buy culture.
It can turn the best of
People into a vulture.

Money can buy acquaintances,
It cannot buy a friend.
It can be a means
To a bitter end.

Money can buy sex,
It cannot buy love.
Money cannot buy a seat
In the kingdom above.

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