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Tick tock, time passing by.
Time is free,
Most waste it away.
Unaware of it,
All night and all day.

Time is valuable, yet,
We treat It like it's worthless.
As you age more time,
you wish you could purchase.

Time passes slowly,
But it goes by really fast.
The older you become the
The more you live in the past.

Time can linger in the moments,
Then gone in the next.
It can bring enlightenment or
Leave you a nervous wreck.

Time is a special gift,
Yet we take it for granted.
It can whisk you off
To the land of enchanted.

Time can pass you by,
But you can't change it.
There are times you will
Try to rearrange it.

Time can bring many memories,
Yet, allows a bad dream.
It can be an ally,
Or let you blow off steam.

Time can be an enemy
Or a friend.
It can hold you back or,
Smack you in the rear-end.

Time is constant,
It never sleeps.
It can calm you,
And give you the creeps.

Time that is lost,
Can never be found.
Always omni present and
Eternity bound.


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