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My view of the Ukraine conflict. Only Congress has the power to declare war. Have they?
         Exactly one century ago in 1922, the largest Socialist country in the world (Russia) along with the second largest Socialist country in the world (Ukraine) formed a union along with two smaller Socialist countries. It was called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.).
         In 1991, a vote (in a Soviet state?!) resulted in Ukraine declaring independence, which in turn resulted in the apparent collapse of the U.S.S.R. (Soviet Union).
         In 2021, the United States of America, after decades of cold war and uneasy peace with the Soviet Union and other Socialist countries, began a dramatic swing toward socialism. U.S. Government began to decree which products could/couldn't be manufactured/sold without valid reasons like safety. “Stimulus payments” were handed out like candy at a parade. The U.S. 'government' provided “free” ventilators to help medical facilities “cope with covid.” The U.S. and state 'governments' began issuing royal proclamations and calling them “mandates.” The people, who are supposed to be the actual government of this country, were given no say in matters like free commerce, personal liberty, medical rights like use of personal protective gear, and other matters which are and should be the province of the citizenry; not our elected representatives. When representatives issue demands or even create new laws against the will of the people, the representatives become the masters and the people become slaves. Government by the people on their own behalf has been lost.
         Recently, Mr. Biden and the Socialist regime now in power in the U.S. of A. sent $100 million worth of American missiles, and more recently, $800 million more in weaponry including heavy equipment to aid Ukraine.
         I have a fairly basic question for all Americans. What will happen to the weapons we’re sending to Ukraine when it and its bedmate Russia “kiss and makeup”? Will the U.S.S.R. begin rebuilding and rearming (at U.S. taxpayers’ expense)? Maybe Russia and Ukraine will never realign themselves. Is that your thoughts? Then consider this.
         Russia’s war against Ukraine is far too much of a tear-jerker. Putin might be a madman, but he’s not likely so mad as to fail to realize that bombing civilians and especially schools, hospitals, and such, will draw a great deal of outraged support from the U.S. and other countries. Why would he make his efforts to take over Ukraine more difficult for himself?
         The slow build-up of Russian military along the Ukraine border and now the deliberate bombing of civilian targets; these things are being done to draw U.S. support into Ukraine. Putin could already have accomplished his takeover of Ukraine by quickly and quietly sending a comparatively small army straight into Ukraine without warning. Russia would have quickly reabsorbed Ukraine.
         He gave warning as a humanitarian act; right? If he’s such a humanitarian, then why deliberately select civilian targets? How many humanitarians blow up schools and school kids?
         The question remains. Why is Putin deliberately taking actions to draw U.S. aid to Ukraine?
         The only strategy that makes sense is that Russia and Ukraine are already rebuilding the Soviet Union and drawing U.S. support because American weaponry and equipment will become Soviet weaponry and equipment. That seems to be the only reasonable Russian (or Russo-Ukrainian) goal.
         If I can figure out this strategy, why hasn’t someone mentioned it to congress or to Mr. Joe? Surely, military analysts have figured it out. Perhaps, this country's Most Valuable Democrats are keeping an eye on things --- and people.
         Last year, our alleged president abandoned not one but a fleet of American military aircraft in Afghanistan, ignoring warnings from military advisors that those aircraft might fall into the hands of enemies of Democracy including Russian hands. His decision to abandon those helicopters cost many lives of both locals and American personnel. It was clearly not a wise decision. Only two possibilities exist and the conclusion is inevitable. Either Joe Biden is a traitor and deliberately gave those helicopters to our enemies, or Joe Biden is incompetent to act as Commander-in-Chief of U.S. military. Why is he still calling the shots?
         If you owned a company and your manager decided it was better to leave a half-dozen forklifts behind when selling off a warehouse in order to save time, where would you assign that manager next? To manage your fleet of tractor-trailers? Or to another employer?
         Mr. Joe has an approval rating lower than that of any other president in U.S. history that I’m aware of. He’s either a traitor or an idiot but you can keep him if you wish, but you might want to look at the many ways his “presidency” has hurt Americans and benefitted our enemies and consider them carefully.
         As for Ukraine, they’re on our side. Right? Even if they’re not, we’re on their side. If Ukraine wins their war against Russia, they’ll probably give back any unused weapons --- unless they need them as a safeguard against future invasions. Hmm. If Ukraine wins, it seems likely that our weapons will be safe there. If Russia wins, they’ll probably just add the U.S.-provided Ukrainian arsenal to their own.
         This little fiasco could be a win-win for Russia. Either win the war and add Ukraine and U.S. weapons to their arsenal OR lose the war and forfeit (at least for now) possession of Ukraine. To ‘cut losses‘, Russia could always “kiss and make up” with Ukraine either to end the war or after losing the war to re-establish amicability between the two(?) countries. In either case, U.S. weapons against Russia become Russian weapons against the U.S. Not a bad little war overall. Wouldn't you say? Putin would.
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