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Rated: E · Fiction · LGBTQ+ · #2271563
Are you ready to explore this life of a fictional gay love? Part 2
Taesung and I walked into the house he completely ignored me that whole night. I thought I had done something wrong, but I stopped worrying about it and went to bed. When I woke up I checked my phone and I saw that Taesung's birthday was tomorrow. I didn't have a gift so I got ready and ran out the door by the time I got to the store it was 5:20 and it was gonna close in a few minutes so I had to hurry. I got him everything I thought he'd like I hid them all under my bed so we wouldn't find them. As I finished hiding them all Taesung walked in and scared me I got scared he would notice the gifts but he didn't. I freaked out to where I asked him what he wanted for his birthday. " You," Taesung said, I was confused and had asked him what he meant by that he said that he means he wanted me for his birthday. By surprise, it was already the next morning and I had realized it was Taesung's birthday I had grabbed his gifts and ran out to the living room to wait for him. I had forgotten to change my clothes because I was excited to celebrate Taesung's birthday. I waited for a few hours and he finally came out I shouted, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!" he was shocked that I had remembered I could tell through his expression. I gave him his gifts and watched him open them when I saw his face was disappointed I was confused but then he said "I thought I said I wanted you for my birthday." I didn't say a single word. I sat there looking at his face I saw him get up and walk closer to me "I thought I told you I wanted you," Taesung said, in a soft whisper in my ear. I was about to say something when he kissed me my brain couldn't tell what this feeling was neither could my heart I felt like I was having a heart attack it scared me. All my brain did was see flashing colors I had then blacked out and woke up laying with Taesung in his bed...

Author's note: Hey guys sorry for not publishing this before I was caught up with everything and happy late Easter sadly I was thinking about making this up to maybe 8 parts but if you guys become hooked I might make it 20 who really knows.
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