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by Emma
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I got into NJHS using this essay! The maximum allowed words was 500.
At the Republic Middle School, seventh grade isn’t always easy. Tests, quizzes, and other assignments have taken part in making it a challenge. Extracurricular activities, like band, don't make it any easier. So, by now you’re probably asking me, how do you get through it? I can answer that with two simple words: positivity and leadership.

In elementary school, I wasn’t positive and got upset if the tiniest thing went wrong. Whenever middle school started, getting upset didn’t work out for me because it made things more difficult. That’s whenever I decided to make positivity a personal goal for myself, and I have come a long way since. I have also tried to influence positivity onto others. For instance, one of my friends used to be depressed. She would say things like, “I hate my life,” which I would reply with reassurances that I was grateful she was in my life. My friend and I visited the counselor, and now she is no longer depressed. Another friend of mine was extremely upset after she discovered she had failed the math test. I offered to help her with anything she didn’t understand, and I reminded her that it was good that our math teacher was offering retakes for the test. After all, we can’t sit around hoping for it to automatically change for us. We have to do something about it.

Participating in classroom activities, coming to class on time, and finishing all of my assignments are ways I’ve shown leadership. I rarely have homework, and I usually finish my work before class ends. If I don’t, I use my time during Study Hall to finish it. This year I’ve also been a part of STUCO (Student Council). So far, I’ve volunteered to help out at three concession stands, and created many of the games featured in our school assemblies.

In the past two years I’ve had many accomplishments, such as winning Hall of Fame for one of my writing entries in the LAD fair, getting a one rating in a band contest, and winning first place in a history project with my team. If I hadn’t been positive during those times, who knows whether I would’ve gotten the same outcome. I can benefit others with my positivity by letting them know that I am always there for them, and helping them see the good side of things.

When people come to our school, they expect to see well-behaved students. With leadership, I can be a role model for others and remind them of the expectations our school has set for them. First impressions are very important. I can do my part to make sure this first impression of our school is good.

Positivity and leadership will benefit others as an NJHS member, because, after all, what do you get when you put the two together? You get positive leadership! Consider that whenever choosing me for NJHS.
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