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Words are oft unnecessary when works are in progress.
A preacher of the gospel of Christ is a preacher to all. Every person, regardles of his own beliefs or the force of his beliefs, learns lessons from the preacher. He preaches every time he speaks; every time he is silent. He preaches and teaches by his every act and every word to every person at every moment. It’s a tremendous responsibility to carry forth the love of God and the words of his Son. Just as Jesus preached to thousands but ministered to individuals, so too must every Christian preacher speak to many and minister to each individual. This is incumbent upon all Christians, but while the eyes of the unsaved might overlook disobedience in the pews, they will magnify every word and action at the pulpit. Therefore, strive to say and do that which will magnify the Glory of God and the Love of Jesus, and unsaved eyes will be opened. Moreover, saved eyes will also be opened.

- Shawn C. Bailey, September 29, 2021 15:29:03 -

Imagine the burden that Jesus Himself carried. It’s not at all surprising that He went to
Gethsemane. Matthew 26:36
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