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Eulogy I wrote for my cat who recently passed
Misty's Eulogy

         Misty was a beautiful. sweet, affectionate and well-behaved cat. She was a month shy of her 12th birthday and was middle-aged when she went. We met at Petco while I was volunteering with a rescue organization. She was the only cat at the time who would spend all of playtime in my lap. That's how I knew she was the one - we chose each other. Her name at Rescue House was "Jewel", but I changed it to "Misty". It was short for "Mrs. Mistofelees" after a character in the musical Cats.

         Misty and I spent 10 happy years together. She wasn't into toys or treats or being held for long, but her favorite thing to do was to cuddle in bed with me. She had her own beds but preferred mine. I miss how she would warm the bed for me, and how she would plop down on top of me and keep me warm on cold nights. I miss her purr and how she would curl up next to my pillow. The only toy she played with consistently was her laser pointer. For a while she liked her food puzzle but lost interest in it eventually. She was shy and would hide whenever anyone came over. I was the only person she was comfortable with. My neighbor tried to convince me to put her on a leash and take her for walks, but Misty was content to stay home and had no interest in going out. She would rub on me occasionally and tell me that she loved me back.

         I gave Misty lots and lots of love - sometimes more than she wanted. Since she was medium-haired I had to brush her a lot. I liked to brush her because it gave me a chance to love on her, but she wasn't a big fan of it. She would wiggle and want down, but if I said, "Shh" she would calm down and let me brush her.

         About a month before she passed, her vet said she was starting to have kidney problems. He gave me medicine for her but she wouldn't take much of it no matter how hard I tried. She stopped eating her regular food but ate some wet food he gave us. On Thursday, March 3rd, she was eating and walking normally and seemed alright, but the next evening she was gone.

         On March 4th, I got home from the puppet theater around 6. She was meowing and didn't sound good. I picked her up and set her by her food bowl, hoping she would eat, but she didn't and fell over. Scared, I called the vet's office. They told me to take her to the pet ER. Before putting her in her bag, I cuddled her one last time, crying because I knew she was about to pass. My mom told me going would be expensive and they wouldn't be able to do much for her, but she would take us if I really wanted her to. Something inside me told me to take Misty. Mom came and drove us to the ER, but by the time we got there Misty was almost gone. The ER vet told me that Misty's kidneys were failing and they could hospitalize her, but it would be thousands of dollars and she may not respond. After I was told she didn't have much time left, I said I wanted to take her home and let her go there, but the vet said that it would be a slow, painful death and that putting her down would save her from hours or days of suffering. I wasn't ready, but my mom affirmed that putting her down was the best thing to do. I reluctantly agreed and gave the vet permission to put her down.

         They took her into another room to prepare her. I had decided long ago that if I ever had to do this, that I would stay with her as she went. I decided to cremate her and keep her ashes. I filled out a form and chose an urn. They brought her into the room, wrapped in a blanket. I petted her, kissed her goodbye and told her that I loved her so much and would meet her in Heaven someday. She popped her head up and looked around. I was the last thing she saw. The last thing she felt was me petting her. The vet gave her the medicine and she went around 8:20 on 3/4/22. I know that staying with her made it easier on her.

         I miss her so much. She brought me so much love and companionship. I plan to get another cat, but it won't be the same. Misty will send me the right cat at the right time. She was a great cat and I will meet her when I get to Heaven.
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