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Who is Jake Cosmos Aller?
mos Aller?Writers Com

Who is Jake Cosmos Aller?
You may ask
And I may tell you
The truth, or maybe a lie.

I am human being
Not a bot
At least the last time
I checked.

I was born
John Cosmos Aller,
Second son
Of Curtis Cosmos Aller, Jr.
And Mary Geneva Wilson Aller.

I was born premature
October 39, 1955
In Oakland, California.

On the same day
That Rock N Roll
Was proclaimed
In Cleveland, Ohio.

Coincidence? I think not.

I have 18 nationalizes
Swirling in my bloodline,
According to DNA
And family lore.

I am part

Basque, Cherokee, Danish, Dutch, Finish,
French, German, Laplander, Jewish, Italian
Nigerian, Mongolian, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish,
Russian, Ukrainian,

I have a pan-ethnic look
Could be almost anything
I want to be.

I speak English, Korean,
Spanish, Thai, some Chinese,
Hindi and Japanese.

I am retired
I am a pensioner
I am 66 years young.

I am a real estate investor
Own ten pieces of property
In three states.

I was a diplomat
I served in 10 countries
Around the world
During my career.

I am a poet
I am short story writer
I am a blogger
I play the piano.

I am a hiker
I am a walker
I am a hasher
I am a lover.

And my name?

Jake is a high school nickname
Cosmos is My middle name
and my blog pen name
Aller is our German family name
Everyone called Aller, Ahler, Eller, Oller
Are related to me my uncle says.

Cosmos has nothing to do with me
Being a Bay Area baby,
But no one believes that story

The truth is simply this
Cosmos is the English equivalent
Of our ancestral German family name

My great-grandfather wanted to use
The English equivalent of Aller
As a middle name for his firstborn son

He had a choice of Universe or Cosmos
Picked Cosmos as Universe was too weird
For the 1880s, Ohio.

But the most important thing
Of all is that I am a husband
To the same woman
Been married for 40 years

I met and married
The woman of my dreams.

That is just some of what
Makes me Jake Cosmos Aller
The one and only.
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