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Crime does not pay.
I am the owner of the company. I know something will happen today. Tomorrow is the last date for the submission of the tender. So, I am waiting for the backside of the wardrobe. I need to identify the person who already supplied some vital information to the rival group. Who is he? A fake file on the table. The data are wrong. I have already submitted the tender secretly.
Salil enters the room.
His eyes are rotating here and there.
Nobody is there except me.
He takes the file in his hand.
I shout, 'Salil'.
He stands still.
-"Why are you doing this unethical work?"
-“They made me do it.”
Some pin-drop silent moment.
Salil suddenly takes a letter. Just intimate me, "Madam, this is my resignation letter."
-"Accepted. Just get lost."

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