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The story of how the Jotun raider made the princess of the high elves her pet.
In the cold northern lands of Jagrok, home of savage humans, fearsome dragons, and warmongering giants, a Jotun woman worked her craft in the forges of her village. Her name was Kelda of the clan Strom. She had her fiery red main of hair pulled back into a ponytail as she had her forge dragon heat up the mithril.

"Good boy, Sparks!" The fat yellow dragon who lived in the forge gave a toothy grin as Kelda said his name, shaking with excitement as he was given a treat for a job well done. The rare mineral was then used to carefully fill the ruins carven into the six stones she had collected earlier that day. A few months ago, Kelda had discovered a way to enter the overworld, the old home of her people. With the rediscovery of how to make sky keys, her people were no longer restricted on who they could raid. She fondly imagined it, Jotun warriors descending from the sky above every city. From the mysterious lands of the east to the tropical kingdoms of the far south, everything was now theirs to take. Her musings were interrupted by her little brother Jol entering the forge out of breath.

"Papa and Moma have just returned from the jarls moot, and they want to see you this instant!"

"Oh, they must want to tell me about all the things the jarls are going to name after me. By, by, Sparks! You be a good boy while mommy is busy, ok?" The excitable fire-breather yelped at its mistress as she rushed off. Kelda was practically skipping to the longhouse, convinced that her name was going to go down as the greatest ruin carver of her generation. Entering the longhouse, her parents were easy to spot. Her father, Kelgar, was a giant among giants. Most of the village was about fifty or sixty feet tall, but he was a whapping eighty feet tall, a trait he did not seem to pass on to Kelda, as she was just forty feet tall. Her mother was sitting on his lap comfortably, only about a head taller than her daughter; there was plenty of room on her husband's lap.

"AH! There's my little girl, and I see you're in a good mood to see us." Her father bellowed; it was impossible for him not to at his size.

"What daughter wouldn't be happy to see her parents return home safe and sound?"

"Stop being a kiss ass and give us a hug!" Her mother, Barda, said, opening her arms invitingly. Kelda rushed over, jumping onto the both of them. The three smiled and laughed as they shared a big hug.

"So how did the moot go? What little kingdom do I get to destroy on my first raid!?" Her parents laughed hard at their little girl acting so bloodthirsty. She came of age that winter, and so was now expected to join the rest of her tribe on raids, something she was looking forward to for years.

"This year is going to be a little different, my little storm-breather." Barda said as she started petting Kelda on the head.

"A dark elf came to the moot, trying to buy the services of one or more of the tribes. Apparently, they are at war with the high elves again and want us to serve as a distraction to divide their forces. "

"Awfully brave of the little thing, considering that elf flesh is sweet on Jotun tongues. So how many fools did the snack get to do this fool's errand?"

"All of us." Kelda froze the moment she realized what her father said. Slowly turning her head to look him in the eyes to see if he was joking; he was not.

"That... THAT"S SUICIDE!!! Look, I'm all about dying with honor and all, but this is just stupid!"

"Not if we used the sky keys, dearest."

"Just like hunting dragons. charging head-on into their defenses would get us killed, but if we moved past their lines in the overworld, we can devastate them and get out of there before the main army even knows we're attacking!" Kelda thought it over. The plan was a good one, and they needed to test the sky keys on a raid anyhow, might as well go big.

"How long until the attack?"

"Two weeks; think you can have enough sky keys ready for all the tribes by then?"

"Just fucking watch me!" Kelda then jumped off of her father's lap and ran back to her forge. She had a big order to fill and was determined not to disappoint.


In the first city of the elves, looking down from her balcony, the princess was troubled. Mayla Gildtree was genuinely shocked at how peaceful everything looked, even when they were in the middle of a bloody war. Her parents reassured her that dark elf attacks were nothing to be worried about, that the three lines of defense were more than enough to keep their lesser kin out. They never treated her concerns with any real merit. Being only thirty-six, everyone in the palace looked at her like she was still a baby that needed changing, despite legally being an adult.

"If everything is fine, then why do I feel like this?" She asked herself as she walked back into her room, stopping when she found herself in front of a mirror. Mayla didn't want to justify the stereotype that all high elves were vain, but she really couldn't help but check herself out. Her bright blue eyes were often referred to as perfectly cut sapphires, but she was never in love with her platinum blond hair. Sure it was complemented by every bard in the realm as perfect, but when she was little, her brother would tease her that she had the pale hair of a dark elf, which stuck with her sadly. She quickly moved to admiring her figure, feeling a bit silly as she was starting to get turned on by her reflection. She moved away from the mirror, blushing at how ridiculous she was being.

"Handmaidens, I am ready for bed." The moment she said that ten elven women came from out of nowhere and began to undress her. Mayla was just as quickly slipped into a lovely nightgown, made from the silk of elvish flowers, each strand laced in precious gemstones. Sapphires, to be exact, matching her eyes. She was shocked to learn when she was twelve that one of her nightgowns was worth more than most human kingdom's yearly income. But before she could get to bed, She started to hear screams coming from outside. Ignoring her handmaidens' protests, Mayla rushed to the window and was mesmerized by what she saw. Above the city, the clouds began to form swirling vortexes like they would form a tornado but didn't.

"Are the wether wizards drunk or something!?" It was then that she began to hear it.

"huraaa, hrum. huraa, hrum." It was faint but was quickly getting louder. It became loud as thunder as large forms began to jump from the clouds down into the city.

"HURAAA, HRUM!!! HURAAA, HRUM!!!" It was only when the first titanic figure hit the ground that Mayla figured out what was going on. The sixty-foot armored warriors were Jotun, the savages were famous for singing their war dirge during attacks, and now they sang for the high elves.

"Princess! We have to get out of here!" One of the handmaidens screamed as they grabbed her by the wrists and hurried her out. The ground shook harder and harder as more of the savage raiders fell from the sky, one of the earthquakes being so strong that it knocked Mayla and her handmaidens to the ground. Getting up, she was stunned by the terror of what she was looking at, and what looked back. Two massive eyes of a Jotun raider looked right into the princess's horrified ones. The moment felt like it lasted for days rather than a moment before the raider's massive hand smashed through the window. Mayla was able to jump out of the way in time; five of her handmaidens were not so lucky. She didn't dare look back as she ran, the screams of the ones who cleaned and took care of her most of her life echoing down the halls she was running in. Bursting her way through the nearest door, she found herself in the courtyard, and what she saw shook her so hard that she fell to her knees. She could see the whole city from where she was, what was left of it. Hundreds, if not thousands, of Jotun raiders, were shoving over glimmering towers, taring them open and pocketing the valuables inside. She also saw her people being taken as well, some being stripped of their valuables and devoured. But what shook her more was just how pathetic their defenses were, spells were shrugged off, and wizards stomped or swatted out of the sky. For every Jotun the army could bring down with antie siege weapons or well-placed spear throws, hundreds of her soldiers fell, ether stomped like bugs or wiped out in one swing of the giant's massive weapons.

"This isn't war; it's an extermination." Mayla muttered to herself as she looked on in horror at her once proud people were slaughtered. It was then that a massive shadow moved over her; looking up, she saw one of the raiders looking down at her.

"WELL, AREN'T YOU A CUTIE!" The Jotun said, it sounded like a young woman, but you could never have told just by looking at her runic armor. As the giant reached down to pick her up, Mayla felt adrenalin rushing through her as she leaped to her feet and ran. The raider bearly missing as it grabbed at the princess.

"A SLIPPERY ONE TOO!" The Jotun raider giggled as Mayla ran back inside and started running down a hall deeper into the palace, eventually finding herself in the gardens. Needing to stop and breathe, she felt like she would pass out from all the running she was doing. But the sound of stomping and grumbling stone forced her back into a sprint.

"YOU CAN'T GET AWAY FROM ME, LITTLE ONE!" The giantess mocked as she chucked a piece of the building she was wadding through in the princess's path. Forcing her to stumble just enough so that she could catch her, Mayla screamed at the top of her lungs as she was moved to the giantess's face. The Jotun then removed her war mask, surprising Mayla with how beautiful she was, she had read that all giants were ugly, but that did not seem to be true.

"SUCH A PRETTY LITTLE THING YOU ARE! I WONDER IF YOU TAST AS GOOD AS YOU LOOK?" The blood rushed from her face as the giantess spoke, resuming her screaming as her head and shoulders moved past the monster's lips.

"Oh, Gods of light, save me!" She cried out as her head and shoulders were being sucked like hard candy, her ears popping as it felt like the air was being sucked right out of her lungs, forcing her to pass out.


Kelda was having a blast! Her first raid was going so well she could hardly believe her luck! She was the first to get into the castle and the first one to get her hands on a noblewoman. Removing the elf she was sucking on out of her mouth, she almost thought she killed it, but could feel that it was still breathing.

"AW! The poor little thing got tuckered out! Don't worry; I know just where to keep you~." She said as she removed one of the straps from her breastplate, placing her little captive into her bra before reclipping the armor in place.

"Now, let's find the treasure vault!" She reattached her war mask just in time to catch an arrow that would have hit her cheek. Turning her head, Kelda quickly and spotting five palace guards. Their attack was cuter than anything else, their arrows splintering harmlessly off her runic armor.

"You guys must be paid by the head. Why else would you think that was a good idea!?" She quickly moved upon her attackers, stomping one into a paste while slamming her fists down on two others. The other two tried to get away, but they were not quick enough and found themselves in the grasp of the warrior woman. She looked over the wiggling little things, one man and one woman; both were as beautiful as any high elf.

"You know, despite you attacking me, I'm in a good mood. So here is my offer, you two strip down to nothing and fuck for my amusement, and when I'm done, I'll let you go. Deal?" Kelda was amused by the responses her little captives had. The little man had a look of horror and disgust on his now even paler face. While the tiny woman, on the other hand (pun intended), was filled with rage at the very concept and thrashed about in Kelda's grasp with renewed vigor.

"We would rather die with our honor intact than live only a moment more to pleas you, MONSTER!" Kelda simply shrugged; she was lying about letting them go anyway. She did not have time to savor her kills, so she placed the female under her foot, putting only enough pressure on her to keep her from running away, before focusing on stripping her male co-worker. Kelda usually didn't like men, but if the elf in her hand was twenty feet or so taller, she could have seen herself asking him out. She then picked the lady guard back up, making her watch as she moved the screaming little man into her mouth.

"Valdar! NO! Curse you to the fiery pits of hell for this beast!" Kelda could only giggle at how the she-elf responded, clearly not hearing what her companion said inside the giantesses mouth.

"Good God's of light, no! Please spare me! I'll fuck the bitch for you; just please don't eat me first!" Kelda waited until she was done stripping the female guard before swallowing the male, he went down easy, too easy for her liking.

"Not very satisfying, your guy buddy; let's hope you'll do the trick." Kelda then tossed the she-elf into her mouth, and the comparison between both as food was like night and day. The little warrior fought tooth and nail for life, scratching, kicking, punching, and biting. Kelda let out a soft moan as she assaulted her snack with her tongue, wishing she had more time to savor her, but she was pushing her luck as it was. Tilting her head back, she tried to swallow the guard in one gulp but then started to choke. She heard that some of the tiny folk had figured out how to kill Jotun like this, maneuvering their arms and legs in such a way that they can't be swallowed. Kelda coughed as hard as she could until the little guard was launched out of her mouth and back into her hand.

"Wa... What's wrong... Monster... Bite off more than... Then you can chew?" The little warrior looked dazed and confused; she was shot out of a giantess's mouth like a cannonball, so that was to be expected.

"Well, aren't you scrappy! Tell you what, you're coming home with me." Kelda then flicked the she-elf's head, knocking her out and stuffing her in her bra.

"Now, I really should get to that vault. No distraction!" Kelda said to herself as she marched on. She only met minimal resistance as she hacked her way into the castle with the pick on the hilt of her ax. It was clear the little things didn't expect anyone to get this far; the only thing she found difficult about all of this was cutting through the castle's stone; she wasn't a miner after all. But just when she spotted the glitter and glow of gold and gems, the retreat horn being blown. Turning her head, Kelda could see why it was necessary. The entire high-elf airship fleet was quickly approaching the city, thousands of ships, along with three sky fortresses. She could only pocket three hand fulls of treasure before jumping back at a ballista bolt that almost got her!

"YEEEP! Well, it looks like we've worn out our welcome!" She then activated her sky key, a vortex opened up in the clouds and sucked her up before any more bolts could be fired her way. The overworld was a nice place to look at, and the solid clouds made for a fantastic landscape.

"Papa! Moma!" Kelda cried out as she looked around for them in the fields of white. She then spotted her father waving at her and rushed over to give him a big hug.

"Hay there, little one! I take it your first raid went well?"

"Oh, it was the BEST PAPA! Where's Moma? I want to tell you both all about it!"

"She's right behind you, ya blind little bat!" Before Kelda could turn her head to confirm what her father had said, two hands clamped down onto her shoulders, scaring her so much that she jumped as she yelled. The maniacal cackling of her mother gave away who was responsible for almost making her pee herself. Kelda then tackled her mother and began to attack her, but as Barda was the superior fighter, her parents continued to laugh at their little girl's temper tantrum. After being put in her place, Kelda went home with her tribe.


"Princess Gildtree?" Mayla did not wake up in her bed as she expected to. Looking around with groggy eyes, she could see that she was in a literal gilded cage lined with animal furs dangling from the roof of what looked like an oversized bedroom. It was then that she remembered everything that had happened, and how she no dought got into this mess.

"Oh Gods of light, it wasn't a dream..."

"E-Excuse me, miss. But are you princess Mayla Gildtree?" She turned to see the source of the voice talking to her, spotting another high elf woman. She was covering herself with some of the furs laying around, and it seems she was not as fortunate as Mayla, who hade kept some clothing.

"Yes... Yes, I'm your princess. You seem familiar to me. Who are you?"

"Tashanna Jewelwind, I was one of the guards stationed to guard the palace. A-And I have failed you... Forgive me, your highness." The guardswoman had a defeated look about her, on the verge of tears even.

"Hey, I'm alive, right? As far as I'm concerned, that's a job well done."

"But princess-"

"I think, for the time being, we can be on a first-name basis. That is if you're comfortable with that?"

"Yes, prin- I mean Mayla." Tashanna started blushing, seeming quite happy with the idea.

"But Mayla, we are the prisoners of the evil giants. The most we could possibly hope for is a quick death, let alone escape!" Mayla was a little disheartened by her fellow prisoner's lack of hope, so she decided to try and give her some. She stood to her full height, cupped her hands, and began focusing all her magic into her palms. As her eyes filled with golden light, so to did it start to shine from her hands, she practically looked like a goddess standing over the guardswoman.

"Lison to me, Tashanna. We are the firstborn children of the Gods. We are the closest thing to divinity that currently walks upon this earth. Let the lesser races call us arrogant; the proof is in my very hands that we are the real rulers of creation! We will not suffer this humiliation for long! We will see our homeland again!" The light then began to fade from her hands and eyes, seeing that her little light show had its intended effect. Tashanna's eyes were no longer hopeless but filled with courage and power.

"Your right, sorry for such a pathetic display!"

"It's more than forgivable, now let's begin planning our esca-" Just then, the door of the bedroom slammed open, and stumbling through the door was what looked like a drunken young redheaded woman, a gigantic one. She was singing to herself as she stumbled to her bed, jumping onto it and rolling over onto her back. Mayla couldn't believe that this was the same woman that had captured her. She looked like a slobbering peasant girl, not the fearsome warrior that raided the home.

"I *hiccup* SEE YOU UP THERE... LOOKING AT ME... LIKE WHAT YOU SEE KNIFE EAR?" The giantess wore a stupid toothy grin as she looked up at the cage.

"Perhaps if I were here of my volition monster, I would entertain such perverted a notion. But as things are, the thought of being any closer to you is revolting!" Mayla could hardly believe she was mouthing off to someone who could snap her neck with a flick. But for all her fears, she had meant every word she said to help motivate Tashanna. And pride in that was what kept her from addressing her kidnapper as an equal, let alone her superior. The giantess simply laughed at her like she was an upstart child, jumping out of bed and moving her face to the bars of the cage.

"MIGHTY TALL TALK FOR SOMEONE WHO CAN FIT IN MY MOUTH! MAYBE I SHOULD SHOW YOU JUST WHERE YOU ARE ON THE FOOD CHAIN, LITTLE MISSY!" The Jotun's breath was almost enough to get the little elves drunk themselves, more than enough to get them to start coughing. Mayla soon found herself in the all to familiar grasp of the drunken Titaness, screaming as she and Tashanna were dropped onto the bed. Both of them just barely got out of the way when the Jotun girl jumped into bed with them, laughing as the stupid drunk Mayla saw her as. Both elves were grabbed up and held over the giantess's face, still being able to smell her drunken breath.

"Now! I WANT YOU TO LOOK AT WHAT YOUR SMART MOUTH HAS CAUSED WITH YOUR OWN EYES' MY LITTLE PET BITCH!" The gigantic ginger giggled as she began to lower Tashanna to her open mouth.

"N-No! STOP!" I'm the one who insulted you, not her!" Mayla tried to summon the light within herself as she did before, but all the confidence that had manifested in her before was replaced with dread as she saw a massive tongue molest Tashanna. Seeing the muscular woman with decades of combat training being smacked around, smothered, and violated by nothing more than the tongue of a drunken girl was enough to bring tears to Mayla's eyes. And only when she stopped putting up a struggle, when there was nothing left of the proud royal guardswoman but a battered and used chew toy, she was swallowed. It was not just the horror of the act itself that made the princess shack in fear, but by how unceremoniously it had all happened. The Jotun then moved onto her belly, placing Mayla down under her face so that they were eye to eye with one another.

"I HOPE THAT LITTLE DEMONSTRATION HELPED MAKE IT VERY CLEAR ABOUT WHO IS IN COMMAND AROUND HERE, PRINCESS. YES, I KNOW WHO YOU ARE, AND NO, I HAVE NO PLANS ON RANSOMING YOU BACK TO YOUR FAMILY. YOU BELONG TO ME NOW, UNDERSTAND?" The little elf nodded hard, tears flowing freely from her heartbroken eyes; all hopes of freedom she had before quickly died under the glare of the Jotun woman. The giant hands moved and stripped the nightgown and underwear from Mayla's body without a single word, tossing the jewel-laced clothing aside like trash. The ginger giantess took only a moment to admire her toy's feminine form before moving her mouth down to start kissing it all over. The mouth that had so cruelly ended Tashanna's existence moved over the princess's body, for was to her seemed like hours of constant stimulation and torment. Licking, sucking, nibbling, and kissing every square inch of her most sacred and private body parts, Mayla simply sobbed as her violation felt like it was going to go on for an eternity. When it finally did stop, Mayla was too out of it to really understand what was happening around her. The Jotun said something to her; she was too far gone to make out what was being said to her, just being grateful that it was finally over, at least for now. Finding the furs that Tashanna was covering herself with only a few hours ago, Mayla grabbed and held them close to her, crying her eyes out into them.

"I'm sorry! I'm so, so, sorry! I couldn't save you! I'm so sorry, Tashanna!" The princess cried until she was too exhausted to continue, passing out and dreaming of better times.

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