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Donna finally convinced her sister to take her to a party. But the snacks were a bit much
To say Donna was nervous was an understatement. The nineteen-year-old brunet had finally convinced her older sister Maria to bring her along to one of the parties she was invited to, but Maria had her conditions. One, Maria got to do her makeup and picked the clothes she wore that night, something Donna was already regretting letting her do. She wore a blue top that showed way more of her chest than she was comfortable with and a matching jean dress that was too high for her liking as well. That added with the amount of makeup her sister had put on made her feel like a streetwalker, and she was not afraid to let her sister know that.

"I feel like a slut."

"Excuse me, your the one who wanted to go to a grown-up party. Stop complaining about being dressed like one." Maria gave her usual care and attention to Donna, making her little sister feel as worthless as she usually did.

"Besides, you're trying to get into this college, right? Don't you think having a rep when you get here on your own would be a good thing? And I dressed you conservatively, I mean, look at what I'm wearing!" Maria stood in a sexy pose, and Donna had to admit, she was dressed conservatively in comparison. Maria wore all dark colors; her tank top was a dark rose color, and a size too small it seemed the way her breasts bearly fit in it. Her jeans were also a darker shade of blue and so tight it was practically a secant skin rather than pants. But what stood out the most to Donna was the bright pink thong and bra straps sticking out of Maria's top and jeans. If one of them was dressed like a whore, it was Maria.

"Y-Your right, I'm just being silly."

"And that's another thing, don't say anything stupid like silly. And don't do anything that will make not look cool. It's not just your reputation that will be hurt if you act like the dork and embarrass yourself in there." Donna felt as miserable and ashamed as she usually did after one of her big sister's pep talks. Donna thought that going to this party was a mistake the whole drive there, but she forced herself to keep thinking positively. She was going to make a good impression even if it kills her! The uber they took had finally reached the building that the party was taking place in, and just looking at it scared her. It was an abandoned steel mill just outside of the city, well, not so much abandoned tonight. Lights of every color blasted out of every crack and window of the ruined structure in rhythm with music that was hurting Donna's ears already.

"You girls, be careful in there. Bad things can happen at parties like this." The uber driver said as he took their money, and he looked like someone who would know. Gange tattoos all over his aged body, including the ones that mean he killed people.

"We w-will sire. Thank you." Donna made sure she gave the scary old man an excellent tip before following her sister inside. The moment she was inside, she was overwhelmed. The music was too loud to hear herself think; everyone looked like they were in various stages of undress, and the air stunk of alcohol, sweat, and piss. Donna stuck as close to her sister as possible while she looked for her friends, clearly not paying attention to how much her sister hated the night so far. Maria then grabbed her by the hand and rushed through the crowd; there was so much noise and flashing lights that Donna had no idea how she got into the secluded shipping crat with her sister and four people she didn't know.

"There she is, come here, baby doll!" The man Maria jumped into the arms of and started making out with was her boyfriend Cobra. Donna was sure that was not his birth name but refused to question a man with biceps the size of her head. She just stood there blushing as her sister was getting a mouthful of her lover's face in front of everyone. The three strangers moved in on Donna, making her visibly nervous.

"Easy there, little lady. We're not going to bite, well, me and Dave aren't going to bite, can't speak for Bonny!" The dark-skinned man said, earning a punch in the arm from the only other woman in the group aside from Donna and Maria. She was a very active person; her well-muscled body and suntanned skin gave that away. While that was happening, a rather well-dressed bland man, who had to be Dave, held out his hand to her.

"Don't mind, Todd. My boyfriend can be a bit of a jokester. I'm Dave, the one getting his ass kicked is the love of my life, Todd, and the charming lady kicking his ass is Bonny."

"Nice to meet you all."

"Doesn't seem like it to me. Is this your first party?"


"Don't worry so much; you're with good people. We're not going to let anything bad happen, ok."

"Th-Thank you." Donna felt embarrassed and stupid like everyone could tell she didn't belong here, she just got there, and already she wanted to go home and cry.

"Hay Bonny! Stop pounding Todd's ass; that's my job! Get over here and say hello to your best friend's sister!" The taller woman stopped her assault and did as was requested of her. Now that she was in the light more, Donna could get a better look at her. Bonny was built like she might be on the wrassling team or a female football player or some other high exertion sport. The Titaness's rugged build did not distract from her feminine features, and in fact, Donna felt like they enhanced them.

"You're drooling a bit, sweetie."

"What...? HO SHOOT! I'm so sorry, miss! My name is Donna, and please don't hate me!" The laugh that came from the amazon only intensified the feeling of insignificance she felt before the intimidatingly attractive woman.

"Don't worry about it; I worked hard for this body; people should admire it! Though I have to admit, you're the first girl to have admired it in that particular way."

"Well, other girls are stupid then." Donna covered her mouth, a look of horror as well as a blush, taking the place of the scarred face she had before. Why did she say that? she asked herself. She didn't think she even liked girls, and here she was, fawning over the first pretty woman to talk to her at the stupid party. Bonny also looked taken aback by what she said, blushing almost as hard as she was. Before Donna could start apologizing, Bonny did what she considered unthinkable.

"T-Thank Lanna, I don't usually get compliments like that."

"I-It's Donna, actually."

"Fuck, sorry I-"

"No, no, it's fine. W-We only just met after all." Both women looked like blushing highschoolers, thankfully, or maybe not thankfully, Maria's shrill scream broke the awkward silence.

"What do you mean you didn't bring any beer!? What are we supposed to do now, have a deep conversation about our mutual interests!?"

"Gees! Relax, baby doll! I got my hands on something better. Hay everyone, get over here!" Cobra waved everyone over; Donna followed the others to see what he had to show. He had a box that Donna thought must have been heavy at the very back of the shipping crat. He was holding it in one hand to show off.

"Lady's and gentlemen. Feast your eyes!" Cobra then sat down the box and opened it, and nobody could believe what was inside.

"Are, are those tiny people?!"

"Yep! Saved up enough money to get a whole box of them!" Donna was genuinely shocked by what she looked at. She knew that they existed, but she also knew that they were super expensive. She really couldn't wrap her brain around how he could have afforded so many! She glanced around to see how everyone else was reacting. Bonny seemed excited, like a kid getting a new toy. Dave and Todd seemed the least interested in the group like they were used to having tiny people. On the other hand, Maria looked at the poor little people in the box like she was looking at her favorite meal. Donna could only feel pity for the little ones. She knew that only the lowest kind of criminal scum was shrunk and sold, but she still felt terrible for them.

"I know you two have never had a tiny before, so party rules say you have one first."

"WHAT!?" Donna and Maria said at the same time, the elder sister with genuine excitement, the younger one with shock and hesitation. Donna felt everyone's eyes on her now; she was not used to all this attention.

"You've never eaten a tiny? Oh, you are going to love it! It's such a power trip when you feel them wiggling down!" Bonny said as she licked her lips, which strangely comforted Donna a bit. If Bonny liked it, maybe she would like it to, she thought to herself, but still feeling nervous as hell.

"Well, don't be shy, pick one." Both girls looked into the box; inside, the little people were panicking, some trying to climb the walls, others trying to tare open the cardboard, and a few of them just curled up on the ground crying.

"Eenie, meenie, minie, mo! I, am, gunna, eat... YOU!" Maria giggled as she picked one from the box; the little man was clearly terrified.

"Are you sure you want that one baby-doll? Six inches is a little big for your first tiny."

"You know dame well that I'm already used to bigger things going down my throat." A smug grin formed on Cobra's face, as everyone else in the group made disgusted ones. Donna had a much harder time picking one for herself. Five to six inches seemed to be the norm for this batch. Finally, she spotted one that looked smaller than the rest; she had to be four inches, maybe three and a half. Donna picked her up, already feeling sick from how the poor woman felt squirming in her hand.

"Good find, sweetie, that one should go down easy." Bonny's words of encouragement did little to help her this time. The tiny was so close that Donna could see the terror in her victim's eyes; the poor little ginger looked like she was on the verge of crying. What on earth did this poor woman do to deserve this, Donna thought to herself as she looked heartbrokenly at the tiny.

"Welp, bottoms up, sissy!" Maria said as she eagerly stuffed her tiny into her mouth, her eyes rolled back as she savored the struggling little human inside of her.

"I bet she never got this aroused when you were in her mouth!"

"SHUT UP, TODD!" Everyone watched as Maria savored her tiny, the way she tilted her head back and swallowed the little guy in three gulps look so sexy that everyone in the shipping crat was a bit flustered.

"That was so fucking good! God, I could hear the little creep begging for his life while I tasted him! I have to have more!"

"Not until Donna has her's." Now everyone's eyes were back on her again, Donna felt as tiny and helpless as the woman in her hand. A cold sweat began to form on the back of her neck. She was not this nervous since the SATs.

"M-Maybe I should look for a smaller one to star-"

"Nop, you already picked that one, you have to eat it, party rules." Donna was feeling overwhelmed, she didn't want to embarrass her sister, and she wanted Bonny to think she was cool. But looking at the face of the person she was about to eat, no, murder, she found it hard to go through with it.

"Eat it! Eat it! EAT IT!" Todd started chanting, and soon everyone joined in. Donna was shaking almost as much as the tiny in her hand. The chanting stopped when she opened her mouth. Headfirst, she put the little woman in her mouth, and already she felt like she was going to throw up. Feeling the poor little thing struggling for dear life wasn't even the worst part; it was that she could hear her screaming.

"NO! Oh, please, God, let me out! I don't want to die, please don't kill me!" The tiny screamed as she was face to face with Donna's throat; just wanting to get this over with, she tilted her head back and rolled her tongue to gulp the tiny down. But she wouldn't go down in just one. Three more was needed before the poor woman was good and swallowed. Donna coughed hard; despite her victim's size, she did not go down easy.

"Hey, don't die on us now, sweetie!" Bonny said, giving Donna a few good hard pats on the back, but even that didn't help. She could feel her living meal squirming inside of her, and it was too much.

"I *cough* need some *cough cough* air." Donna got to her feet and wandered off, she could hear the others asking Maria if one of them should go with her, but she was outside before she couldn't hear an answer. She never felt sicker in her life, and her meals constant wiggling didn't help. Donna thought about inducing vomiting and saving the little woman digesting in her gut but decided against it. After all, only the worst criminals were shrunk. For all she knew, the woman she ate was a serial killer or a child abuser.

"You ok, sweetie?" Donna jumped in fright, turning quickly to see that Bonny had followed her outside. The taller woman had a look of concern on her face as she walked up to her.

"Y-Ya, just um... I needed some air."

"You said that. You didn't really like eating that tiny, did you?"

"I um... I just..." Donna could feel tears forming; she couldn't hold them back anymore.

"I JUST WANTED YOU TO LIKE ME!!!" She screamed as tears poured from her eyes, ruining her makeup, not that she cared at the time. Every bone in Donna's body wanted her to run, not even back home but just run. As far away from this night as she possibly could, but before she could even try, Bonny pulled her into a hug.

"There, there, sweetie. Your ok, I've got you." Between having her face pressed right into the muscular woman's cleavage and feeling her big strong arms wrap around her, Donna was feeling safe, protected even. She continued to cry as she returned Bonny's hug, gripping onto the larger woman like she was a life preserver during a shipwreck.

"That's right, let it out, Donna. We don't have to return to the party, you know, we can stay out here and look at the stars if you like?" Donna looked up and nodded meekly to Bonny, letting out a meep as the larger woman just picked her up like she was light as a feather. She was set down on a large piece of rusty debris of some kind, Bonny than sat down next to her, wrapping her arm around Donna, pulling her close. Donna felt like she should put up at least some resistance to this, after all, they are perfect strangers. But she just felt so safe in Bonny's arms for some reason, and right now, she needed that.

"The stars are pretty tonight. I wonder why you can't get a view like this in the city?"

"L-Light pollution. Like how the sun is too bright during the day to see stars."

"Hum... Neat." The two of them spent the rest of the night looking at the beautiful night sky, and when one thought the other wasn't looking, each other.

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