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Rated: E · Poetry · Fantasy · #2271828
Narnia Beckons
Narnia Beckons

38 lines

Sam Adams, an old man
Recently returning to his hometown,
Was walking in the Berkeley Hills.

Ended up at Tilden Park
Where he had been hiking
Ever since he was a child.

He was hoping to getaway.
From all the turmoil,
The dismal news of the day
The constant chattering on his TV.

He was often lost in thought
Thinking back on his favorite books
Re-reading the classics
Of his youth.

He loved the Chronicles of Narnia
Often thought that Narnia was real
That Oz was real
And that Middle earth
Happened as well.

And Harry Potter
Existed in an alternate universe
He imagined finding
Portals to other worlds.

While lost in thought
He came upon an unusual site
An open door in the air
With a note
Narnia is calling you.

He laughed having thought
About Narnia reality
All week long.

He jumped through the portal
And soon found himself
In the fabled land of Narnia
Sam Adams disappearance
Remained a mystery.
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