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Marxism and the Military. A Betrayal.
Marxist sex.
Indoctrination of the masses by the U.S. Military.
Treacherous pursuits. Years on end.
Marxist ideals begetting children.
Death to Americans who were vocal against it.
The fallen Americans.
Sex, "like opiate for the masses."
Yousafzai, Ayala (maiden name),Quinn, Santillan, Guttierez, Howard, Arvizu (maiden name)
A few of the leading traitors to the United States Constitution.
Proponents of extrajudicial killing in the name of MARX.

What of those begotten children of military and fundamentalist origins?
A mix of potential have-nots (Marxists).

Abuse of power and sex crimes running rampant.
South Central and Hollywood to name a few.

What's in a Band Aid?
America needs more than that.

Mass surveillance.
Fucking abounds.
20, 30, 300 partners per individual military man or woman.
Years on end.


700,000 dead fallen innocents (Americans)
Because of sex crazed love lust



Sylvia Lydia Morelos

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