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it is type of crime story
Upon hearing the doorbell, Namita opened up the door to find Sudha standing in front of her. As always, Sudha’s face had a little hesitation on it. She was a little timid woman, and shy to ask for help even at the time of need. To make her feel comfortable, Namita welcomed her in with a beautiful smile.

“Didi, (meaning: elder sister) do you have a little curd? I need some to make curd at my home.”, Sudha forwarded her hand carrying a small bowl towards Namita.

“Oho … you can have the curd. But at least come inside for a while.”, and Namita pulled Sudha into her cozy home. Sudha followed Namita while somehow managing her saree.

“Come. Sit here for a few minutes. You have come to my house after a long time. We are next door neighbors and yet, I haven’t seen you for so many days. Let’s chat for a while. Why don’t you make yourself comfortable here and I will make tea for both of us.”, Namita said cheerfully. Namita must be a few years older than Sudha. And her face showed a lot of love and affection for Sudha. And probably, that was the reason that shy Sudha would sometimes open up her heart to Namita. Otherwise, she was too shy to express herself.

While Namita was in the kitchen making tea, Sudha who was looking a little nervous, sat on the sofa while gently covering herself in her saree. Her nervousness caused her to play with the end of her saree pallu with her fingers. She was young and beautiful but she looked really worried.

A few minutes later, Namita came out with a tray carrying two cups of tea. She gave one cup to Sudha and took another cup herself and sat next to Sudha. Namita folded her legs, and gently adjusted her saree pleats over her knees before she began to take a sip from her tea cup. Sudha, on the other hand, held the cup with both of her hands and tried to take a sip of tea. She unsuccessfully tried to bring out a smile on her face, but failed miserably.

Namita looked towards Sudha and said, “Seems like there is something going on between husband and wife. What’s the matter, Sudha?”

saree crossdresser There was something about Namita’s personality that made Sudha open her heart to Namita.
Namita was a little aware of Sudha’s problem. And that’s why Sudha would come to Namita occasionally to get some advice. Sudha looked down and stared at her cup. She then nodded her head to indicate that there is something bothering her. It seemed like her eyes were bubbled up with tears.

Namita immediately knew that Sudha is really sad at this time. She grabbed Sudha’s hands gently to make her feel better. “Why are you worried, Sudha? You know that I have always been there with you. Why don’t you tell me what happened?”

“Didi…“, finally some words started to come out of Sudha’s mouth,” … he once again went to the office today wearing a kurti with leggings. He even wore lipstick and a bindi on his forehead too. Didi, I really … I really feel somewhat embarrassed and concerned when I see him dressed like a woman.”

And Sudha began to sob silently. Namita immediately hugged Sudha and began to console her by gently stroking over her back. Namita understood what Sudha was going through.

“Didi … he is even planning to celebrate Karwa Chauth (A married woman’s festival celebrated in North India). He even bought a red banarasi saree for that. And yesterday evening, he went to a tailor to get the blouse stitched for the saree he bought for himself.”, Sudha said while sobbing.

saree crossdresserSudha’s husband would wear women’s clothes to work.
Namita was still stroking Sudha’s back. She definitely knew and understood what Sudha was going through. “Yes dear … I have heard that too. All the men in this society are going to celebrate karwa chauth together. My husband is going to wear a lehenga choli for the occasion… and that too what brides usually wear on their wedding.” Namita said. She definitely understood Sudha’s problems as those were her problems too.

But then, Namita gently wiped away tears from Sudha’s face using her saree pallu. She gave a big smile and gave to Sudha her words of wisdom. “Sudha, may be this is written in our destiny. If our husbands have this unique desire, then may be we should let them do it. We can’t just change who they are. Being a wife, all we can do is give them lots of love … and may be someday, they won’t feel the need to become woman.”

“… but didi, why does he behave like a woman? I feel as if he does that because I am not woman enough for him. And that’s why he looks for a woman inside himself.”, Sudha said. She wasn’t thinking right. That can’t be the reason.

“Don’t talk like that dear… you are not incomplete or less in anyway. If that was the reason, why would my husband dress like a woman too? Do you think that I am not a beautiful woman?”, Namita tried to put some sense into Sudha’s mind. No one can deny that Namita was like the epitome of femininity. There was barely anyone in their society who was as beautiful as Namita. And yet, Namita’s husband engaged in dressing up as woman too. Namita had accepted this side of her husband as part of her own life. She even assisted her husband in dressing up. Although her husband was skilled enough himself and he didn’t need any help to do makeup from Namita, but Namita was always there to help with the draping and accessorizing. She felt that with her participation, she was becoming the part of her husband’s life. Her husband Prabhakar was thankful to Namita for her cooperation as well. Prabhakar was among the rare men in the society who were blessed enough to have a supportive wife.

Sudha felt a little better after sharing her heart with Namita. She pulled her hair back behind her ears with her fingers. She still looked down and said to Namita, “Didi … there is always this doubt in me. I always feel that may be there is something wrong with me. That’s why my husband does what he does. I know I was not the perfectly beautiful woman. But now, I have made my hair long in the past year. And with the help of medicines from Dr. Chandra, my breasts have grown bigger too. Do you think that I am a beautiful woman? If my smaller boobs and short hair were a problem, I have fixed those problems. Then, why does he still feel the need to be a woman?”

This whole experience with her husband has made Sudha feel less confident about her own appearance. She felt that her husband’s desire to dress up as a woman is because of her own fault.

“I told you … you are not the problem Sudha.”, Namita said to Sudha. She looked at Sudha’s blouse. Dr. Chandra’s medicines have definitely helped her grow her breasts from A cup to C cup. Namita knew that Sudha’s husband’s desires are not because of any limitations that Sudha had. Namita then tried to explain once again to Sudha, “Dear… you know that you are not the only woman in this world who is going through a problem like this. It will be best if you soon accept that your husband likes to be a woman. And it will be good for him too. Like you have questions about why he feels like that, he himself must be going through the same question each second of his life. And he does not have an answer for that. Don’t make his life more difficult by making him answer that question to you for which he has no answers. Why don’t you just accept the way he is, like I did with Prabhakar? Don’t you see how happy I and Prabhakar are because of that acceptance?”

saree crossdresser

“Honestly, I feel that if I don’t let him become a woman once in a while, he would do that anyway behind my back. Now that I participate and support him, he doesn’t need to do that hiding from me. And because there is nothing hidden between us, our faith, trust and mutual understanding has grown a lot more these days. And that’s very important for a husband and a wife. I wish you understand that sooner, Sudha”, Namita said in a little serious tone. She wanted Sudha to be happy.

Sudha gazed at Namita for a while. She felt a little ligher inside. Namita’s words made sense to her. She soon got up smiling. And soon, she came back to her home with the curd bowl she went to get from Namita. At her home, she stood in front of a mirror admiring herself; she fixed her saree a little and looked at her own breasts, and said to herself, “No, there is nothing wrong with me. I am a beautiful woman.” And then, she picked the same red lipstick, her husband wore in the morning, and applied it on her lips.

A little later, a police car came to the society where both Sudha and Namita live. They both heard the siren. They immediately knew that there is one more unfortunate woman like them who would soon start living in their society with them. These women would now have to help this new woman struggle through the problem of her husband’s dressing behavior.

When that police car stopped in front of the society office, a lady inspector and two women constables got out of it. And behind those constables, a woman named Nisha got down who looked a lot worried. And behind her came her husband Ritesh who looked really angry. He was being handled by the two constables.

Immediately after getting inside the office, Ritesh angrily tried to get out of the women constables’ grip, “Let me go. I don’t want to live here.”

“Shut up, Ritesh before I hit you with my stick. You know that if it wasn’t for your wife Nisha, you would be in a jail for 10 years.”, Inspector Trisha said to Ritesh.

“You just let me be free for once. I will take care of this bitch Nisha myself.”, Ritesh’s face was red with anger. It felt like he would hit Nisha. And Nisha looked really terrified because of the violent behavior of Ritesh.

“Don’t be afraid, Nisha. He can’t do anything to you.”, Inspector Trisha tried to console Nisha who was still terrified.

“Radhika, give that injection to Ritesh.”, Trisha said to one of the constables. Ritesh tried to resist but he wasn’t strong enough to deal with two constables. Radhika soon applied the injection and Ritesh immediately gone quit. The person who was red with anger and violent a moment ago, looked like a pet cow now.

“Look Ritesh …”, Inspector Trisha said to him, “You are aware that beating your wife can put you in jail for 10 years. And I know that men like you don’t learn anything even after spending all that time inside the jail. Your wife Nisha didn’t want to see you in jail, that’s why we are including you in this program. To understand how wrong it is to beat one’s wife, a man like you can learn that only when they become a wife themselves. Today, one of our doctors is going to hypnotize you. And after that, you will start believing that you are a wife in your relationship with Nisha. You will start believing that Nisha is your husband and you are a married woman. From today, you will forget all your past life as a man, and will start living a life of a married woman in this specially settled society.”

This was a big change that was going to happen to Ritesh’s life. But because of the effect of the injection, he just sat there listening to Trisha’s words.

And then, Trisha turned towards Nisha and said to her, “Nisha, from today onwards, Ritesh is going to look at you as his husband. You can live in this society as a man or as a woman. It is really up to you. But if you continue to live as a woman, Ritesh would always struggle thinking that his husband likes to live as a woman. There are many more women like you living in this society who have accepted to live as a man, and occasionally live as a woman. But those who continue to live as a woman, their husbands take a little longer to get treated. If you decide to live as a man, you won’t face any problem in this society. The government has given you a job where you can go as a man or a woman as you wish. And after a year, our doctor would check the progress made by Ritesh. If Ritesh’s behavior has improved by then, you two will have the freedom to live life according to your wish.”

This was going to be a big change for Nisha too. All her life, she was always dependent on one man or the other. And suddenly, she would be leading this life where she would be independent and earning her own living. She was afraid of this change. And she had many questions in her mind. And the biggest question, she posed it to Inspector Trisha, “Madam, is there any side effect of this program?”

Inspector Trisha hesitated a little before answering. She gave a sigh and said to Nisha, “Yes, sometimes some men realize that they have a much more beautiful life living as a wife. And when we remind them of their old memories, they decide that they want to forget everything about their past and want to continue living as a woman.”

Just like Ritesh, Namita used to be an abusive husband named Namit who would beat his wife. He came to this society 3 years ago, but later, he decided to forget everything and live as Namita. And she was happy about her decision. Similar was the story of Sudhakar who had become Sudha. Sudha had chosen to forget the truth of her past life, but she is still learning to accept the truth about her new life.

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