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A poem about prey
Under the glow of the moonlight

Sitting in cover at max height

Waiting for prey movement however slight

Night predators display their true might

The hunger they feel enough to incite

The true nature within that comes to light

Their eyes completely alight

No sense of wrong or right

Just the urge to kill and bite

Prey until the sun's first light

The thrill of the hunt bringing pure utter delight

The thought of blood enough to excite

While prey desperately hide frozen in utter fright

Huddled together nice and tight

Knowing they can neither run nor fight

Their chances of winning only slight

Against those who are the predators of the night

Never pausing to hear a prey's plight

Only the lucky few will make it until the first rays of twilight

Just a side note, this was a mythology poem for a certain hunting mythology animal I made for school. It describes a predator prey relationship basically. (Kind of a rushed piece).
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