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While on vacation, you and your girlfriend get hurt after reading posts on social media!
It was early March 2022, and you and your girlfriend were packing your bags and getting ready to go on vacation. You weren't just going to any vacation spot, oh no! you are going to DISNEY WORLD! Of course, since you two are such loving parents, you think that it would be a wise idea to leave your kids behind with grandma...
Sure, you might be getting some hate later on, but who cares? You can always lie and say it was because of money issues or something like that. After you drop the kids off at grandma's house, you two then take off to Disney World!

After landing, you meet up with some good friends outside of Universal Studios and then proceed to go inside and have fun. A couple of days later, you head to Disney's Animal Kingdom and ride the rides there. While at the park, you go by a gift shop and decided to get something for the children. You see some cheap looking t-shirts to get them and decided to buy that, thinking that this will totally make up for the fact you didn't bring the kids down to Disney World. The next morning, before making a trip to another park, you see your girlfriend looking at your laptop with a horrified look on her face. You ask her what is wrong and she, as tears start to pour down on her face, says "Look at what your brother is posting on Twitter!" You then look on the screen as your girlfriend starts breaking out into tears.

"Yeah, Lardo and his girlfriend are such good parents aren't they? Thinking that it's perfectly OK to leave THEIR KIDS BEHIND while they go to Disney World. Because, you know, that's what all loving parents do! Leave the kids behind while their grown asses go to Disney World! What are they going to do next, go to Chuck E. Cheese's without the kids and only bring home the pizza?"

You too were also hurt by this. Your blood started to boil and you think that as soon as you get home, you were going to pay that asshole a visit! You then decided to take your girlfriend to a Denny's and eat breakfast while the two of you cried like you were just diagnosed with terminal illnesses. Days later, you finally go home and give the kids the t-shirts you bought them. As you do, you see on the news about a shooting at the movie theater the night your brother was there to watch the new Batman movie. You even see a post on your brother's Twitter about how he was there seeing the shooting go down! You roll your eyes and say "Well, if he wants to hang out with thugs, this is what happens!"

You then think about the post he made while you were on vacation and plan to get vengeance on his ass...
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