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Working for The Committee for Writer's cramp
Working for the Committee
21 lines

Sam Adams was a secret agent man
Worked for the non-existent
Committee that did not exist.

That shadow secret government
Consisting of far right figures
In government, business, the military
Religious organizations, think tanks
And intelligence operatives.

United in their desire to impose
A world-wide Christian state
Ushering in the end times.

Sam Adams believe in his mission
As a secret police officer
For the committee.

He believed that they must
Eliminate their opponents
Giving them an ultimatum
Surrender and give up
Of you will be exterminated .
Decide now he would say,
“There would be no second chance.”

NEW PROMPT DUE 13 hours 47 minutes 34 seconds
END your Story or Poem with this line - bolded -

There would be no second chance.
(It should be the only line or word bolded)

One of your characters must be a police officer.

Choose Drama as one of your genres.

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