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Rated: GC · Short Story · Erotica · #2271984
You're shrunk by your younger brother and kept as his obedient toy. (sizeplay, taboo)
This is a story about brotherly love, shrinking, dominance and submission. Be aware that incest kink is thoroughly explored. All characters are 18+.

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Big Bro, Little Toy

It feels strange, sitting in your little brother’s shadow.

You’re home from college for the holidays, staying in Matty’s room since the rest of the house is packed with visiting relatives. Matty is your younger brother. He’s 18, finishing school next year, though all night people have been commenting on the fact that he looks older than you.

It seems that the moment you went away to college Matty began growing, filling out like one of those plants that always takes up as much space as it has. In the short time you were away he shot up to six feet and put on a lot of muscle. He’s no longer Matty the goofy kid brother. Now he’s Matty the man. The wrestler, the footballer, the doorway darkener. When he grabbed you for a hug at the front door he nearly lifted you off your feet. You felt his muscular chest grind into yours as your toes bounced off the rug for a startling second, putting your lean little body to shame.

Even more embarrassing than the helplessness you experienced in that moment, was the arousal. All night you’ve been trying not to acknowledge the strange feeling you get around Matty. You’ve been trying not to trail after him like a puppy, admiring his broad shoulders and his size 13 feet poking out of their Nike slides. It’s hard to reconcile this statuesque, baritone young man with the little brother you left when you went to school. When he drops his heavy arm around your shoulders or winks at you from across the dinner table, you feel a flush as if he were any other hunk.

Now you’re alone together, sitting up in Matty’s musky bedroom while you watch him play his video game before bed. The awkwardness is palpable. You sit on your air mattress by his bed, craning your neck to steal glances at his chunky abs as he hunches like a gorilla and mashes the controller.

“Dude can you wrap it up? I need to sleep,” you say.

Matty snorts. “Sorry Drew. My room, my rules.” His eyes stay glued to the TV. “Remember when we were kids and I’d watch you play like this? I used to beg for a turn, and you’d say the game was too complicated for me. I didn’t mind watching though. I was happy just to hang out. You should be too.”

“I am,” you say. “I’m just really tired.”

“So lie down,” Matty says. “I can rest my feet on you while I play. That’d be nice actually. You could rub ‘em for me.” He makes a joke of lifting his big bare feet and trying to dump them in your lap, right between your legs. You jump to push them away. You pretend at disgust but you’re also terrified that he’ll feel the semi-stiffness in your pajama pants. Matty isn’t wearing pajamas, just an old pair of boxer briefs which are bulging with curls and sausage. It’s impossible to keep your eyes off of him.

“So how’s higher education, brainiac?” Matty chats while he plays. “Are you dating any hot guys? I bet you have a different boyfriend every week. Tell me, do you like guys that are little and cute like you? Or do you like body builders? I bet you like guys with huge dicks, am I right?”

You blush, but Matty assures you that he isn’t teasing. He has called himself an ally from the moment you came out of the closet.

“Hey, you tell me if anyone gives you a hard time while you’re home,” he says. “This town’s pretty backward. I’m not gonna let anyone bully my bro.”

You try to protest that you don’t need your younger brother’s protection, but in the end you give in and thank him for the offer. It’s obvious that he’s much better equipped to take care of you than vice versa. This turns Matty’s attention to comparison, and he begins innocently holding parts of his body next to yours. First his wide size 13 foot next to your narrow size 9. You have kid feet, he tells you. It tickles him that you would probably still fit in his old clothes from before high-school. The idea makes you feel pathetic.

Next he holds his palm up and makes you press yours into it. His skin is warm and clammy. Your hand looks like a dainty joke compared to his. He laughs hard at how small you are, then eases up. “Hey, there’s nothing wrong with being smaller than your little bro. Don’t be embarrassed. If it helps maybe you should stop thinking of me as your little bro, now that I’m so much bigger than you. That would suit me just fine. I’ve always wanted to be someone’s big brother.”

Maybe it’s all this talk about your size, but you’re feeling smaller by the minute.

In fact, it’s not just all the talk. You realise that your clothes are beginning to slip off of you, and you’re having to bend your head further back to look up at Matty.

“What are you talking about?” Matty dismisses the suggestion that your size is somehow changing. “I think you’re just thrown by how big I look these days. I get it. I haven’t been able to stop staring at you all night. It’s so weird to see you from this new perspective. I always thought of you as so big and impressive. Now that I’m big and impressive, I’m realising how tiny you were all along.”

But after a while, Matty comes clean. The strange, dizzy sensation doesn’t leave you and you start to panic. So he tries to soothe you by explaining exactly what’s happening.

“Listen, I may have slipped something into your drink earlier tonight. It’s just that I was so fascinated by our new size difference, I was craving more of it. So I used some shrinking serum I bought on the dark web for pranks and stuff. It’s all for fun. I promise, you don’t have to be scared of me. I’ll take care of you.”

“How small is it going to make me?!” you ask. Sitting on the air mattress, your head is no longer taller than Matty’s knees on the bed next to you. Now your eyeline points right between his thighs when you face him. You could get up and run but something stops you. You trust your brother, after all. And you’re curious to know exactly what he has in mind.

“Honestly I think I put more in your drink than I meant to, but that’s okay. It’s easily reversible,” Matty says. He scratches his chest as he looks down at you. His nails graze a nipple and his right pectoral wobbles on his big, burly frame. “Anyway, you’ll have at least as much fun with this as I will. Just look at the way you’re staring me up and down,” he smirks.

“What are you talking about?” you scoff, trying too late to pull your eyes away from his massive body. But Matty isn’t fooled. He reaches down and places his thumb on your chin, gently turning your face back up to his.

“Hey, it’s okay. I told you not to stress. I’m the big brother now, and I’m in control. You had your turn at being the boss. Its time to let go and enjoy being little.”

You must be under four feet now. With every passing moment your brother has to hunch further to touch your chin. He has always been baby-faced but his posture makes him look like a handsome ogre, his muscles all crowded above you.

You’re too embarrassed to look directly at him. Your gaze falls into his lap, where his free hand is sitting, gently raking his fingertips over the outline of his cock.

“I like you, little bro. I like how big and virile you make me feel. It’s time for us to get a little closer.” Matty pats his thigh, and a thin layer of fat ripples over the musculature.

“Come on. Climb up, and come sit with your big bro,” he says in a coaxing voice. Then, more firmly: “Now, Drew.”



“You look so little on my lap,” Matty grins. He has one hand around you. The other rests on your head, twirling a lock of your hair.

You must be around three feet now. The size of a large cat. All of your clothes have been stripped away by gravity, except for your underwear, which Matty tugged off himself and threw over his shoulder.

“Is this what you were hiding?” he gasped playfully when he saw your erection. “You don’t have to be ashamed of this little thing.” He giggled and pressed a thumb pad over the sticky head of your dick, making you shiver. You have never felt so much shame and so much trust at the same time, as you do when your manhood is engulfed in your brother’s huge hand.

“Honestly I’m flattered that I have this effect on you. Do you like my muscles?” Matty asks, flexing his biceps and patting his abs for you. For a moment he looks like the goofy younger brother you once knew him as, trying hard to impress you. “You can touch them if you want. I’ve seen you staring at them all day. Here.” He guides your right hand to touch his chest, then brushes it over his melon-like bicep. Your body betrays how excited you are to touch him this way, and he wiggles his eyebrows at your lap. “You really like me,” Matty says. “Wow. I wonder if you’ve had a crush on me for long. Am I the biggest, muscliest guy you’ve ever been this close to?”

“Uh-huh,” you answer. You’re almost speechless. Sitting in the warmth of your brother’s lap, confronted by the wall of his studly body, is too much for you to process.

“That makes me really proud,” he says. “I like having your attention like this. I think it’s cute, the way you’re looking up at me all dazed. How about I let you feel something else?”

He brings your hand to his lap, where you realise he has escaped his boxers. The head of Matty’s penis is poking through the threadbare grey leg and is snaking along his thigh. He lays your palm down on the big sticky dome and you feel it jump at your touch.

“Ooh, that feels nice,” he says. “You know, I’ve never jerked it over a guy before. I like girls. But the first time I used my shrinking serum, as a prank on my friend Jeremy, it actually gave me a chub to see him so small and at my mercy. I really like feeling big. Jeremy didn’t like it so I couldn’t have much fun with him. But I had a feeling you’d like it.”

Your eyes are pinned to the python dripping pre-come against Matty’s muscular thigh. You rub it slowly, affectionately. After a while Matty pulls down his boxers and has you crawl between his legs.

The bed sheets are musty and stiff in patches. You used to tease Matty about all the time he spent locked in this room, obviously abusing himself to girly videos. You never imagined you’d end up here, in the epicentre of his pleasure. Your lips stretching over the hot head of his cock while his hand confidently guides the back of your head.

You’re under three feet tall now. Your mouth and throat can barely accommodate his manhood but you give it your all, letting Matty squish against your soft palate.

“Oh,” Matty pants. “Thank you. Thank you, little bro. That feels so good. Oh, man, yeah. Take care of your big bro like a good boy.”

Matty begins to whine and tremble, this massive animal on the edge of orgasm. His thighs rise around you like drawbridges. You’re smaller than ever now, crowded by the body of your horny big bro. His whimpering and panting makes you uncomfortable because it reminds you of the younger brother you used to know; the needy and pestering Matty rather than the manly, dominant one you’re getting used to. But you go on sucking. He ends up shooting a huge load down your throat and up your nostrils. His cum drips through your nose and down your chin.

“Oh, fuck,” he says, flopping back onto the pillow. “That was the best thing I’ve ever, ever felt. I wish you could stay this size forever, little bro.”

Matty checks his phone and laughs about the fact that your dad has texted, asking him to keep it down. “He must think I’m still gaming,” he says. “I forgot Dad’s been sleeping in the guest room next door. He and Mum haven’t been getting along so that’s his little bachelor pad at the moment. We’d better keep our voices down. Not that you’ll have to worry about that… You’re getting smaller by the moment. You’ll barely be making a squeak soon.”

It’s true. You climb off of Matty’s lap and tumble onto the sweaty bed sheet, less than two feet tall. Just a minute ago his cock head was stretching your lips, now it wouldn’t stand a chance at fitting in your mouth.

“Don’t think I forgot about you,” Matty says. “Just because you’re too small to suck on me any more, doesn’t mean you’re too small for me to return the favour.” He reaches down and grinds his thumb tip over your cock head once again. “We just have to be very quiet, so we don’t get into trouble,” he whispers as he strokes you. Your giant brother leans down and presses his face against yours. His breath is sweet and a little minty. “Can you do that for me, little bro? Keep our secret?” Matty plants a kiss against your lips. His thumb rolls over your dick. Overcome with pleasure, you give in and begin sucking the giant’s bottom lip as you grind against his touch. You used to tease Matty for drooling, back when he wore braces. Now you welcome the wetness of his tongue wiggling in your mouth. You lick back and drink his saliva as he squashes and rolls you between his huge fingers, pushing you through the deepest orgasm you’ve ever had.

After you finish shooting your load all over your big brother’s finger, you collapse onto his chest and let him pull you back onto the bed as he lays down to sleep.

You drift off spread out on his chest, your face nestled in the fur between his pecs, just a foot tall.


You wake up to a rude shock part way through the night.

You thought you had stopped shrinking at a foot tall, teddy bear size. But you’re much smaller when you wake up and find your big bro’s cock pressed against your body. It is somehow bigger than you are, pinning you like a wrestler. The head mashes against your face. You’re buried under the mountain of flesh that is Matty’s sleeping body. His musk is overpowering. His weight is immovable.

After an eternity of squirming and struggling at just six inches tall, you feel the giant’s body finally roll off of you, and down comes Matty’s hand to the rescue. You’re scooped up between five massive fingers and held up to his innocent face.

“Whoah, I’m sorry little bro,” Matty says. “Somehow I didn’t think you’d get as small as my friend Jeremy did. It looked like you were going to stop shrinking.”

When you ask how long Jeremy remained this size, and what Matty needs to do in order to grow you back, the giant’s answer isn’t comforting.

“Hey, don’t worry. I told you I’m gonna take care of you. You’re safe in my big, strong hands, remember?” Matty’s eyes are like a billboard in front of you. They glow in the light of his phone, scanning your tiny body. “Don’t you love your big bro? Aren’t you happy to be my tiny, lucky little toy?” The giant’s index finger wanders between your legs and stimulates you, quickly working you up to full mast. “There we go. You do love me,” Matty giggles.

When you push for an answer about your future, Matty gives in and reveals the truth.

He could grow you back, but that would require going online and buying the antidote to the shrinking serum. And he never had any intention of doing that. He enjoys your company as a tiny too much.

“Playing with you as you shrank tonight, controlling you, made me feel massive. I came harder than ever the first time you touched my dick,” Matty confesses. “The only experience that’s ever come close to that was when I shrunk Jeremy. He also finished shrinking at six inches. It was all meant to be a prank but once I had him squirming in my fist I realised how sexy it feels to have power over another man.”

Matty tells you that he never returned Jeremy to size, just as he will never return you.

“You’re going to make a much better sex toy than Jeremy ever did, because you’re gay. You’ll stay on my body 24/7 and you’ll love it. I’ll take you to school with me, tucked away in my backpack with my gym socks, or stuffed in my pants where you’ll be my little secret. Jeremy always fought me off when I tried to do stuff like that with him but you’ll eat it up, since you have such a big crush on me… You’re gonna be the best little brother in the world.”

When you ask where Jeremy is now, the plot twists even more. “Dad confiscated him,” Matty shrugs. “He caught me in here playing with him one night and took him away. I thought he was gonna send Jeremy back to his folks, and that I’d be in big trouble, but since then I hear him playing with Jeremy next door every night. Turns out Dad’s even freakier with his little toys than I am! And he’s a disciplinarian, as you know. With his military training I bet he’s much harder on Jeremy than I was. That poor little guy. He should have just let me play with him. Now he’s stuck being the old man’s cock toy for life.”

You feel queasy. The world seems to rock around you, and you hold onto Matty’s giant fingers for security. They’re sticky to the touch and smell salty-sweet.

“Hey, don’t worry,” Matty says. He brings his face closer to you so his warm breath washes over your naked body. “I won’t let Dad take you away from me. Unless you decide to misbehave, then I might have to lend you to him for some discipline,” the giant winks. “But I’ll always take you back in the end. You’re my little Drew. No-one else’s.”

You feel dizzy. Just a few short hours ago you were a big brother. You were a man. You had your whole future in front of you. Now you’re Matty’s sticky little masturbation aid.

“I know this is gonna take some getting used to,” the giant says. “It’s not what you would have chosen. But if you think about it, it’s kind of karma. When we were kids you never shared your toys with me. Now you are my toy. My favourite toy, in fact. I promise I’ll take such good care of you.”

Matty rubs his thumb firmly over your chest, the way he ran it over the joystick of his controller just hours ago; the way he ran it over your cock head. “I’ll play with you every day. I’ll never ignore you.” The giant brings you right up to his lips, washing you in the humidity of is breath. “I’ll be the best big brother you could ever ask for. I promise. I’ll even let you worship my feet while I play video games. I noticed you staring at them tonight.” His toothy, goofy grin spreads around you.

And like that, your fate is decided.

You’re stuffed carefully into Matty’s stained, patchy boxer briefs. Under his hairy balls. Buried under the avalanche of his sweaty, musky skin.

“It’s a little sticky in there, but it’s safe,” you hear Matty’s muffled voice say from outside. “It’s the perfect place for a cute, dinky little dick toy. Hidden under the cock of a big, strong boy-hulk.”

You feel his fingertip gingerly stroke you from outside the underwear as he lies in bed and dozes off once again. He is no doubt dreaming of the long future you have together, and his newfound freedom to explore your brotherly love.

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