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A short story of lovers having a good time away from home just before distance sets in.

He was going to leave in a few days for England, and I wanted our last moments to be beautiful and serene. We decided to go to high mountains, away from the world and have a beautiful moment together. It was a warm evening, only a few people were out on the streets busy with one thing or the other.

I was on my way from home when I felt the vibration coming from my phone that brought an uncontrollable smile to my face. I knew it was him. Reaching out to my phone, I picked up and said eagerly: "I'll be with you soon!" After the hike, "finally!" I screamed.

It was just the both of us on the mountain, he gave me a big tight hug and folded me to his bosom. l wanted to hug him forever, but he looked down and stared into my eyes. The cute smile I caught on his face gave me an impression of how important I am, and how I'm also the reason for a cute smile on his face, this got me giggling.

We played, talked and laughed for so long, that tears rolled down my cheeks. I wanted to stay there with him forever as long as the happiness continued. I decided to play a hide and seek game with him. We kept playing in turns and it was fun. Being scarily in search of someone I don't want to leave my sight for a second was dangerous fun.

It was my turn to look for another hiding place. I wanted to make it a difficult search for him. So I walked farther, and the whole place got scarier to me. It was a boorish region where I found no one but myself. I walked farther than I thought, I looked back to call him to come searching, but it was getting almost as black as night.

I wanted to go back to continue with the game. I took a few steps back, there were various parts to go through and I lost the directions I came through. My heart murmured out of fear, I couldn't hear a voice, all I could hear was strange and rustling sounds of the trees. At this moment, I knew I was lost and wouldn't find my way easily.

I began to call out to him at the top of my voice repeatedly, but to no avail, several scary thoughts kept running through my mind and I felt helpless. "what should I do?" I quietly murmured to myself, as I leaned to a tree I heard fast footsteps like that of a hefty person, but its direction was difficult to decipher, this made me terrified, and I began to sweat in the cold.

It was getting into the deepest twilight, the entire atmosphere was dark. It was at this moment, I acknowledged that I'm lost, and my eyes were moist with tears. "wake!" I spring out of bed on hearing Amarachi, my dear friend.

I was covered in sweat "oh my gosh!" I blurted out of excitement because it was a dream. I wanted to go back to sleep because I was inquisitive about how I'll find myself out of the woods, but I was up without any perceptions of sleeping anymore.

I heard my phone ring, I picked it up. To my surprise, it was an incoming call from him, my love. I answered it, then he told me he'll be travelling soon, and would want us to have adventurous moments on a mountain. I was shocked! I didn't know how to respond. Could it be that I was apt to get back to sleep or my dream was manifesting?

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