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To:whoever's readin' this...
I want to save you. I want to pull you from that ledge and pry that bottle from your hands. I will destroy that needle that you have buried in your veins time and time again. Let me put my arms around you and protect you from all the evil that has penetrated this world. Your happiness is my catalyst, your joy my delight. My heart aches for you when you are hurting and I know that you are right now. Can I help? Can I be there for you to talk you through it, or just listen to you vent? I will sit silently with you while you decide if you even care to converse. I will walk beside you in quiet places or take the lead if you prefer. I will follow, or remain behind should you choose to walk alone. When you are ready, I can help you devise a plan of action or encourage your ideas.
Here is my shoulder to cry on, my ear to lend and my heart to comfort you. Feel free to let me in. I can keep your secret for I have many that I have never revealed, simply because I was asked not to. I'm here for you day or night. Try me. I am your friend- you just don't know it yet.
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