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by Emma
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I wrote this when I was in 4th grade, and decided to share it when I rediscovered it!
He was always the guy who would give up himself for anything. He was the guy for saving lives and spending time with his family.

With his dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes, Brent could turn the worst man into an important man who always has respect.

Whenever I try new things - like sports - he's always there to support me and show me new ways to achieve my objective.

He takes me out to do fun things with him like bowling, eating, coloring, and The Father and Daughter Dance. It is so fun when I’m with him because he never ruins the fun. I would never have one bad thing to complain about on our trip.

He tries his best to make his family the happiest family ever- and we are.

Whenever I come home he was always there to comfort me from a bad day, or celebrate amazing successes. I could always tell him all my feelings and he would never make me feel bad, he always made me feel special. I never would have anything not to tell him, even if it was bad, because he teaches me new things.

After a long day, Brent and Momma would come in the room and I could hear his low voice say, “Good night. I love you.”

After he touched my forehead with his warm hands I knew I would have an amazing night.

“I love you too,” I say, and I meant it.

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