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The old world passes away


weathered silver-gray mirrors a pale moon
stark memories of wind, rain, and time
sunbaked summer and driving snow
nibbled stalls hung with stiffened tack
lowing rhythms and velvet-nosed whinny
fade away in random creaking groans

mildew moulders under missing shingles
decay supplants the musk of warm manure
slanted beams fall across a riddled floor
rustling squeaks echo from dim corners
cold dust hangs in abandoned webs
long-ago shelter dissolving into empty chill

dark craters now where glass-bright eyes once shone
danger lurks behind the gap-tooth door
lichenous spots mark out years gone by
squinting, a forgotten face might re-appear
twixt slumping shoulders, ‘neath sagging spine
the man in the moon mourns the lonely passage

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