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A take upon modern social thought.
Sometimes our evolutional thought entertains the idea that logical thought vibrates no matter upon and through all human life of existences. That oscillates itself around our minds and conforms itself to our proverbial living temporal experiences. An impulse from being that advocates that our human history should never be neglected or forgotten. Logical thought uproots the contrary .Pushes some to discern between what is and whatever is not..What it is,is being. What is not is an obliteration of the suprem fact of our human evollution. Being is who are becoming. Their is no disparate relation between male or female . We together serve the purpose of just being .The Selective purpose of evolution as we travel the roads of life. Chessy might sound to you all . It is what it is...us.The Human being he/herself. The instant in times proverbial were we did recognized and hear our intrinsic voice of cognition.What we do need to do to survive,what we need to do advance over the natural exterior world around us.The meaning of wright and wrong that is now a common statitics to explain behavioral human science.Human behavior cannot be explain. Sociology,psychology,theism antheism ,none of those explicit progressive inquiries to explains could build and exact explanation of how under the stars ,and under this dimension we are still become tobe and behave.We,know that we advance in the gathering of groups and intentions to survived.Each individual brings his/her own unique perspective of how the world is . Not talking about our elliptical rotations that are just passengers inside this wondrous planet, but we each bring colors of character uon the fabric of lif itself.We still pursue of the social living.According to groups,regions and cultures.Our social behavior and trends get us to accommodate each thinking into following the group mentality.We accept each other as one; Humans..Our human history has evolved by the action and reactions of our group mentality to become socialized and civilized .well, mostly speaking..Our generational modes of being ,being complicated by the social economical trends of times might had major effect on our sense of survival. Our times are a mathematical result of the advance of our intellect and appropriated technologies affordable to the commonality living.Logical expanded living is what is making us today ...though that questions will always prevails ,like a sharppened guillotine upon our necks...what our advances that logical thinking could only be entertain by the rich and [riviledge ,while the rest of us are just the accused victims,insensitive and negligent abusers of progress. To where our dellude thoughts of progress is taking us...one wonders....We are still living enlightened by this so called progressed manifestation of civilized ideas, then idealizing a perfect world could never be taken as a matter of a fact The sharpened Guillitone of technology over our necks in a pendulum, remember ?. And still we still protecting our own necks by avoiding its swings and escape by all means to get away from its swailng movements.Either economics or political ideas will bring us under their momentums.This actuality compelled us to strive to stop that momentum...how? one must ask...by remembering the struggles of our ancestors survivals and battles to survive and remain civilized . ,,and to be observant at all times at the manifestations of the masses and swinging of their political guillotines...remain aware of what is going on at all times...be substantial ...
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