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Best Cheese Ever
Favorite Cheese PSH
My favorite cheese
Has always been Tillamook
cheddar cheese

My father turned me
On to it
When I was a young lad

Once during our annual
Migration from Berkeley
To Yakima

During the summer vacation
When we drove to the family cabin
And stayed almost two months

Just my father,
My mother
My two brothers
My sister

Our whole dysfunctional family
Forced to be together
For the summer

It was hell on earth
But the road trip
To and from
Was and adventure

One year we drove
Up the Oregon coat
And we stopped
At the Tillamook creamery

And did the tour
Learned how they made
Their famous cheese
And ice cream

Tillamook cheese
Is made in Tillamook, Oregon
A small town
Along the Oregon coast

The cheese is dark yellow
Comes in two flavors
Sharp and regular
I prefer the sharp.

It has a delightful aroma
And is among the most
Favorable of cheeses
I have ever eaten.

And it has an aftertaste
That lingers in your mouth
For several minutes

As you savor
The aroma, the taste
And the texture
Taking you to cheese

I was perhaps 13
At the time

And interested
In everything

Learned a lot
About cheese
That visit

But the most important thing
Was I learned
That was my favorite cheese
Tillamook. Cheese.

Still is
Almost 55 years later.

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