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Freed from abuse, learning to love herself, becoming Independent, controlling her own life

I never thought I'd feel that I like being alone

I never thought I'd ever be successful on my own

The storms that I have gotten through
Help me come into my own

I'm an independent woman, and I don't need a man to help

These scars are all just battle wounds I've healed all by myself

I've survived a life of war and I've taken back control

No appreciation owed to anybody but myself

Saw the light in all the darkness that I never thought would show

And now I live so proudly with just me, myself, alone

I no longer seek approval that I can't give to myself

Now each day I make improvements to bettering my health

I found my missing crown
And now I wear it nice and proud

I'm the queen of my own kingdom now, and I rule my house a home

There's no excuse for more abuse, and now I know love does not mean pain

But through every moment of my pain, there is purpose I have gained

And I'm making use of it by helping others do the same

It makes everything feel worth it to add a smile to just one face

They say hurt people hurt people, but it don't have to be that way

And I'm living proof of that, standing before you, here today!
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