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This story includes multiple Undertale AUs and ships.
Hello, this is the author of this story, my name is Tony. I am a ghost in this story, don't be confused if this story changes from 3rd person to 1st is not a mistake.

It was beautiful, warm day out near the mountain named Mt Ebott. 'Such a great day should not be wasted inside.' thought the 26 year old woman named Rose. "Hmm.. let's go explore Mt Ebott and see how far up I can get before sunset." Usually she was stuck inside at her home with her aggressive (mostly towards her older brother Tony. The reason to why is unknown), grey cat Tipperson (actually the cat's name is Tippy Pooface). Even though Rose was not the curious type, more like a worry wart, she was going to climb the mountain for another reason (not just to pass the time). Tony had climbed the mountain (foolishly) alone a week or two ago and had never come back..hopefully yet. So, she put on a warm red and orange sweater, and then left for the mountain. In the back of her mind, she was remembering the old legend of Mt Ebott: Anyone who climbs the mountain never returns. The brunette was determined to prove this legend false and return home with her brother safely....it was almost funny how wrong she would be.


After about half a day of wading through thick underbrush and navigating her way through a forest of pine, maple, walnut and other kinds of trees, the tired woman decided to rest up for a little bit and have lunch. After the break, Rose walked out of the forest and looked up towards the sky half a hour later and saw dark rain clouds threatening to drench anything that didn't find shelter soon. It had started to get uncomfortably cold, and getting her clothes and shoulder length ponytail soaked wouldn't be good (unless you want to get sick), so she started to look around her to find somewhere that would stay warm and/or relatively dry. After a bit of searching, Rose found a dark cave in the side of the mountain just before it started to pour cats and dogs. A shivering, soaked and became of the darkness, almost blind stumbled around in the dark until she tripped on a rock the size of a soccer ball (or football to the rest of the world) and fell into a very deep hole which unbeknownst to her was the entrance to the Underground. After a 200 to 300 foot fall (61 to 91 meters, I rounded it to the nearest 1), Rose found herself unharmed besides a count of bruises and cuts. "What? These flowers saved my life?" she said in disbelief, "Seriously?" "What are you doing down here? I was hoping I won't see you down here ever." said a slightly echoey voice behind the confused woman. She spun around to see the translucent image of her brother, Tony. "Sorry, that sounded rude. But it's nice to see a familiar face now and again, a human face I mean." "Tony, where have you been and why do you look like that?" questioned concerned his little sister, "You've been missing for 2 weeks, have you been down here the whole time?" "I'll answer your questions in reverse order: Yes, and why I look like this? Unlike you, I didn't survive the fall. So I "live" like this." Tony looked like he was thinking and said, "Do you want me or the soulless, literally soulless, flower to explain how it "works" down here?" "Can you explain? I don't trust things that are soulless, whatever that means." "Okay, I will not repeat myself. Welcome to the Underground, I know VERY creative name. You have a couple of ways to "play this": you can be peaceful but very weak, you can be very violent and dust all or most of the people here." He noticed the brunette's confused expression, and explained "Okay, the people are not people or at least not what you would call a person. Remember when we were in school and were told about the evil monsters that would kill you if they they saw you?" The ghost made air quotes when he said "evil" and Rose nodded, "Anyway, as I was saying, the people that live down here are monsters that turn to dust when they die hence dusting." "If you want to find someone that might be able to help you further, go to the right and continue until you find a patch of green grass and wait there. Hopefully you won't run into the evil flower, Flowey." The ghost man pointed his almost see through hand in the direction of a doorway with a odd symbol above the door that looked faintly familiar. Rose said goodbye to her brother and tried to hug him, but her physical body went straight through him. She felt like she past through some slightly colder air that kind of felt..like it shouldn't be there or just wrong. She couldn't explain it, but just left her brother in the room where she fell and followed his directions until Rose came up to a, like Tony described it, a patch of green grass which after a minute, up came a flower with 6 yellow petals and a smiling face. "Howdy, you must be awfully confused, let me introduce myself. My name i-" "Flowey. I know already, my brother told me." Rose deadpanned. "You know it's rude to interrupt when someone is talking, they might get mad and attack." When the demonic flower said that, suddenly everything suddenly became black and white. Rose saw a red and orange heart floating in front of her over one of four buttons which said from left to right: FIGHT, ACT, ITEMS, MERCY. Above the buttons were the letters and numbers LV 1 HP 20/20 and above that there was a large box outlined in white. "Anyway, let me tell you about this situation. See that heart? That's your SOUL. It starts off weak but can grow stronger with LOVE, do you want some LOVE?" The human looked skeptically at the flower which continued his spiel, "LOVE is shared through these... friendliness pellets. You want some LOVE, don't you? Here!" Flowey shot four small, white "pellets" at Rose's two trait soul, right before one hit the red-orange heart, suddenly a glowing red blade impaled the pellet and both objects disappeared right before there was a ear piercing screech of anger. The black and white world disintegrated and color returned to Rose's relief. When she was able to see clearly again, there was a very interesting scene was playing out in front of her: there was a woman in a light green sweater that looked about 21 was holding a knife with a glowing red edge towards the yellow flower threateningly and another woman that looked very similar to the first one in a blue sweater pleading the other girl to not hurt Flowey. "Chara, please don't hurt Flowey." the blue sweatered one said, trying her best to hold the woman called Chara from attacking the evil Flowey. "You know he just does this mostly because he's emotionless." "Fine! Just get off of me." growled Chara, putting the knife away, first glaring at the flower then at the other human with a pair of glowing crimson eyes. "You're way too nice for your own good, Frisk. Remember Paps and how easy it was to kill him?" The nicer female hung her head, then looked up at the other woman with guilt-filled brown eyes and said, "Yes, I do remember and the consequences, or should I say consequence." Either they were ignoring Rose or just hadn't noticed her yet, they both jumped when she cleared her throat and asked, "Can either of you two help me and who are you?" The one in green glared at her and answered in a almost menacing tone, "First off, greetings I am Chara and this is my "sister", Frisk." "We may be able to help you. What do you need help with?" Frisk asked in a more friendly voice, cocking her head to the side almost like a bird, while Chara was grumbling something like, "why should we help a human? It is their fault we are trapped down here." The ghostly form of Tony appeared next to his sister and whispered in her ear, "Chara HATES the entirety of humanity. I'm not surprised that she is acting like this." "I heard that." said the crimson-eyed human, "What he says is true. It was their fault the monsters, Frisk and I are trapped behind this accursed barrier." "Even if we die, we're stuck behind the Barrier." the younger looking woman complained, stomping her foot like a child. "Are you two twins or at least relatedj somehow?" the oldest of the three women (in the country I live in, people are considered adults at the age of 18), confusedly. The ghost chuckled and said in his echoey voice, "They're related, but not twins. Apparently their birthdays are the same, but about 200 years apart. They're distant cousins, that's all they know." "So how old are they?" Rose asked her ghostly brother, then heard him counting down for some reason. Right after Tony said 1, she realized something he said that didn't make sense, Rose asked, "You said they had birthdays that are on the date, but 200 years apart. How can that be? Neither of them look older than 20 or 21." "If I remember correctly, I said there were two other humans that are "alive" in the Underground. Alive is in quotation marks." Tony said, he sounded like he was kind of tired of explaining the exact same thing over and over again. "Chara has two ages: a physical and actual age. Her physical age is 21 and her actual one is about 230 something. I'm just guessing that because she was maybe 23 when she was successful at, um, well let's put it this way, Chara was a ghost for a VERY long time." Chara face palmed, said "My appearance was changed when the first child fell down, which was a little girl with a red ribbon in her light blonde hair. I looked almost like a mirror image of her, same thing with all the other fallen children... until Frisk. I look like what I looked like when I was alive on the Surface." Frisk added to this, "Chara appeared right after I accidentally killed Mom." "Yeah, "accidentally" whatever helps you sleep at night." Chara said, rolling her eyes. "Well, come with us...uh, what IS name?" "Rose." replied Rose, extending her hand towards the two other humans. Frisk shook Rose's hand excitedly, in hopes of making new friend. Chara on the other hand, did not shake her hand let alone look at her. "Hello Rose! Follow me, and I'll take you to Mom's house." said Frisk cheerfully, heading north and through a doorway identical to the last one. "I bet Mom can help you with whatever you need or want to do." "Hey, I thought you said there were only two humans besides me down here?"Rose asked Tony quietly, "How there be another one if Chara and Frisk are right in front of me?" "Okay there are technically seven humans in the Underground att the current moment. Four are dead, Chara, Frisk and you." explained Tony, then Frisk motioned to Rose to come with her. A minute or so later, Tony continued, "Chara and Frisk are adopted into the royal family (Chara used to have the title of Princess, but not anymore because she died. Frisk never had a Royal Title, because by the time she fell down Toriel was no longer the Queen, so her adopted children didn't get any sort of title. Frisk is taking you to Ex-Queen Toriel." "Was she banished or something?" Tony's sister asked, stopping so Frisk could pull two of three gold colored levers (the woman in the red and orange long-sleeved shirt guessed they were either gilded with gold dust or brass. She was pretty sure that the levers weren't copper because by now they would be green). On the walls where the levers were that Frisk pulled had faded yellow arrows pointing towards the levers. Chara said impatiently from behind Rose, "Go forwards, the spikes are lowered now, it's safe." Rose looked behind her to ask why was she being a snot, when she noticed something that she should've before: the woman in green had breasts the size of bowling balls (they jiggled a fair bit stepped down too hard). 'I wonder what would happen if she ran up or down a flight of stairs' Rose thought. "What are you looking at?" Chara snapped, glaring at Rose. "Just a heads up, Toriel will refer to you as her child." said the ghost, "walking" beside his little sister. "Why?" the oldest living human asked. Tony shrugged his translucent shoulders, "I don't know, I 'm thinking it's because of Chara. I mean Chara was her first human child, so I guess it's like some sort of habit?" 10 minutes later, Chara, Frisk, Rose and Tony stood in front of a purple brick house with two windows with a doorway that was missing a door. "Mom!" the woman wearing the striped blue sweater called, "Another fell, and survived the fall!" After a minute or two of waiting, out came a furry, white, anthropomorphic (shaped like a human) goat monster wearing a purple dress walked out of the house, and saw the three living humans (only people with determination can see human ghosts and a skeleton with a glowing blue eye) and said happily, "My children, I see you have brought another here. My Child, what is your name?" "1. My name is Rose, 2. I am NOT your child. I am not a child, period." Rose stated flatly. Toriel was kind of shocked at this, but shook it off quickly, "Okay, um, do you want something to eat?" "Did you make some buttspie, Mom?" ask Frisk, Tony looked at Rose's confused face and said, "Toriel makes two different kinds of pie: snail pie and "buttspie" aka butterscotch cinnamon pie." "Yes, My Child and I also made snail pie." the goat monster replied, when Chara heard "snail pie" she wrinkled her nose in disgust. "Yuck." Chara muttered under her breath, Frisk looked at her girlfriend annoyed and said "It wasn't THAT bad? Or has Mom's baking gotten better over time?" "I'm going with answer C. You don't mind the taste because you like escargot." "Frisk likes snails?" asks Rose to her ghost brother (me). I shrug and said "I guess?" After a while, Rose asks how can she back to the Surface, the three other humans (the two other women and the ghost) laughed while looking at each other and I say, "Sorry, but there's a couple reasons why these two haven't left the Underground. There's a magical wall known as the Barrier. Only a being that has both power of a Monster an Human Soul can pass through it, to obtain that Soul you need to kill that being." "Well.." Frisk said, Rose would've sworn she saw just a hint of blush, "There's another way that didn't include killing... breaking the Barrier completely or please don't make me say it. Please." "That's just in theory, and none of us can do THAT, or at least not without outside help." Chara. I was nodding my head. While we were talking, we were heading down some purple stairs (one time Chara's breasts bounced high enough to hit her face, she was forced to hold them down so that it won't happen again and then muttered something like "Why did my boobs have to grow this BIG? Couldn't Frisk's have grown to be at least close to this size? But nooo, she's almost flat-chested." and more incoherent mumbling about breast sizes. Rose looked at Tony, which was quietly laughing ((apparently he was no help)), then to Frisk which softly said "Chara doesn't have a bra that is large enough to support her boobs and she can't borrow Mom's because her bras are too large. So Chara decided to put up the pain in back because her boobs are kind of heavy.") to a hallway that was same exact shade of purple. 10 minutes of walking (the ghost was floating a inch or two above the gray rocky floor) until we reached a huge stone (possibly some sort of metal) door carved into it the Royal Seal: the Deltarune. "Welp, this is where we say good bye." Chara said, while still holding her large breasts down kind of like she was crossing her arms, turned around and slowly walked away down the hall. Being the more social, and cheerful one, Frisk hugged Rose (and TRIED to hug me, phased right through me and face planted) and said "Good bye, tell Sans and Shift hi for me." Before blued sweater woman followed Chara down the hall, Rose asked, "What does Sans and Shift look like?" "Simply a skeleton in a blue jacket and a woman who looks exactly like Chara in a green hoodie." Then whispered, "and not as busty." Frisk giggles while saying bye. "Prepare to freeze. I've heard it's cold." advised Rose's brother, phasing through the heavy door. "Show off." Rose muttered, as she pushed the door open just enough to squeeze through. She then saw another small patch of grass with a single yellow flower that she sneaking suspicion that it was Flowey. Thankfully there was a couple yards between her and that demonic flower. "Run." I suggested to my sister, quietly and so she did as told to. While we ran by Flowey, I flipped him off right before we ran through the open door that went the Ruins and into the freezing cold of the snowy forest that lead to the town of Snowdin. Almost immediately, Rose started to shiver and asked rather stupid question, "Why is it so cold out here?" "I'll give you a hint: There's a reason why it's called Snowdin Forest, besides it being next to Snowdin Town." "Oh, right. There's two people in front of a bridge, do you think they're Sans and Shift?" The ghost sighed at his sister's suggestion/question, "There's one way to find out. Lead the way." When we got closer, the two people were actually a human and a skeleton, chugging a bottle of chocolate syrup and a bottle of ketchup respectively.The skeleton finished his bottle of ketchup first, the human finishing their bottle a second or two later, and said triumphantly (before seeing us), "i win." "Classic, I think the people that we were waiting for are here." said the human, they had a voice that was very similar to Chara's. "hmm? i believe you are right. they fit frisk's description perfectly." the skeleton said, walking up to the shivering woman and the ghost, and sticks out his hand covered in a white mitten, "heya, i'm sans, sans the skeleton." The woman in the red and orange sweater grabbed the skeleton's hand, saying, "Hello, my name i-", suddenly everyone heard a farting sound and suddenly the two in the hoodies burst out laughing. Rose and I looked at Sans like "seriously?" Sans looked disappointed and asked, "what? are you two like my bro?" "It appears that they have the same personality of both our brothers." the woman said sadly before introducing herself, "Um, anyway hi I'm Chara Dreemurr." "Wait, if are Chara, how come your boobs are a lot smaller?" Rose questioned the Chara look-a-like. "I'm guessing you mean the very busty version of me that lives in the Ruins with her Frisk? No, I'm not her, my nickname is Shift." said Shift.
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