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Love. Soulmates. Love story. Love significance.
Soul mates

Love is a strong feeling and emotions of affection with 4 words of great significance. The most magical thing that you can ever dream of is love. The thing that adds beauty and joy to life is love. Everyone feels and knows about love but no one in the world can defines the exact meaning of love. Everyone has a different love definition and all are right. No one knows that from where it starts. Love is everywhere and has not any boundaries. Love looks not with the eyes but in the eyes. Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to eyes.
It says, if you love someone from heart then all nature helps you to come close to him/her. And thus we found our soul mates. It is not important that how much time you say your Soul mates that you love him or her, but the important things is your heart knows that how much you love your partner.
 A cute love story- A man daily sent his wife roses, one day he died and his wife received roses. She asked florist and he replied her husband paid advance for whole life. Here the moral is Love never dies, it remains forever. Time will always fly, but our love will never die.
Love is a feeling that can be felt but sometimes cannot be expressed. So Love as much as you can. To love someone, from heart makes you strong and prepare you to fight against the difficulties of life.
So it's the time to tell your soul mate some memorable dialogue of Movie Kal Ho Na Ho:
I love you and I love you very much,
When I close my eyes I see you
When I open my eyes I long to see you
Even when you are not near, I feel your presence all around, every second, every minute, all the time...
I will love you till die and even after that...
----------------------- Abdullah Al Jannath Newaz

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