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Examining True History of Mexico, and it's grudge against America
Mexico has no title over America. Mexico's Emperor Maximilian encouraged and subsidized foreign colonization w/ land grants & appropriation of land. 1862, Conservative Mexicans begged for France to intervene in Mexico to drive out the Liberals who were ruining Mexico with their crime, looting, barbarism. Napoleon III of France, seeking colonies in the Americas, provided a large army to fight against the radical liberal leftist Mexican rebels.

The French installed Maximilian as Emperor, to quell the liberals from destroying Mexico, who were fighting amongst their own Mexican people's, much on the same way radical liberal leftist Democrats are fighting against law and order in America now.
After the Mexican colonies ceased to exist, and were sold to colonists to create America, The French withdrew support of Maximilian and he was defeated in 1867.

As thanks for Maximillian defeating the dirtbags who were making Mexico a cesspool of debauchery, He was executed by a firing squad, with half of Mexico mourning the loss of Maximillian, the other half delighted to see him perish, in hopes of their glory days of lawlessness and looting the wealthy, refined Conservative Mexicans would return.
Cinco de Mayo actually commemorates a Mexican victory over French troops in the Battle of Puebla. A victory that meant nothing as Mexico's Emperor Maximillian LEGALLY sold the land to English colonists, and former Mexican colonies , now part of America, ceased to exist.

Mexico's independence happened 50 years earlier and is observed on September 16. Cinco de Mayo is NOT Mexico's Independence Day. instead, it's Mexico's pathetic excuse to use their past ownership of land in America ,that became legally null and void, as a bogus way to try and say Mexico owns America. Nope. Learn your history people. You can thank Emperor Maximillian, who was installed by France's General Napoleon Bonaparte, and the greedy Dons of Mexico who sold out the land and holdings to Colonists legally.

So , while every person ignorant of the history of these events thinks May 5th is all about Mexican Independence? They're wrong, It's a reminder of Mexico giving up their sovereignty in what has been part of America for 155 years. Maybe it's America's flag you should be waving on that day then, huh? But then we celebrate America's sovereignty on July 4th, so there's that.

Another fact, Mexico was totally incapable of defending against invaders foreign and domestic, including the Native Indigenous peoples (Native American Indians) . This led Mexico's rulers, influenced by the corrupt and wealthy Dons who influenced policy, to form treaties with foreign countries which then made war with Mexico to obtain their territories in the Americas.

Mexico's government has always had a corrupt, sordid history, and a penchant for going wherever their bread is buttered. It's therefore no wonder that that Mexico gave up the land through LEGAL sale , which became part of America 155 years ago.
Cinco de Mayo commemorates the battle of Puebla where the Mexican army defeated the French. It is barely celebrated in Mexico and I hate it; I hate it with a passion and I get irrationally angry when I see what a huge deal it is made out to be here in the U.S.

At its best, Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of the victory of a fledgling radical leftist liberal democratic union over the forces of French imperialism, which now happens to provide a convenient excuse to meet your friends for happy hour specials on a weeknight. At its worst, it’s an excuse to indulge in excess, debauchery, and ignorance.

So I'll skip the tacos & tequila, the hominy and hornitos, etc., and instead focus on what is relevant, That being America's long-standing history and it's Founding fathers, and the great strides Americans took to be what was for many decades the lighthouse of the world. Why? Because I don't live in Mexico, and this is America, Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave. The liberal leftists in America push Cinco de Mayo, as it tried to give Mexico a position of superiority over America , and bastardize America's legitimacy, which is is both preposterous and Machiavellian in it's intent. I therefore say, LGBFJB!!!!!
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