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written around one year ago. somewhat free verse.
i dreamt once i could fly
i saw all sorts of things in the sky
i heard the rainstorms brewing above my head
i heard the gods' heartbeats around myself
through green valleys i passed
and there were animals like i saw nowhere
and they looked at me like i was strong
and i looked at them like we were one

i flew across the seas
and all the whales sang to me
as i gave them a part of my love
as we and the seagulls reshaped the world
through dark forests i went
and among the trees; among life so ancient
i met a lost part of myself
who taught me what i didn't learn in my nest

and we flew together in the night
and we learned again what's it like to be alive

the moonlight on the purple sky
kissed my skin softly as i kept flight
and the sharp cold wind around me
was realer than if i was awake, or in a dream
atop a mountain, i met my young self
and she laughed and played like i never dared
and as i spoke of my fear, she laughed
she held my hand, and a lesson she shared;

"golden wings can't ever be heavy
fly; don't forbid your dreams; that's what's truly scary"

she showed me ancient ruins; we walked through
and we stopped to rest there for a year or two
and the snow made me feel alive again
and the small plants were our old friends
as i watched kid me treat the trees
a comforting sadness consumed me
remembering when i did that back then
missing my best, old friend

and then there he was; smiling at us
and two kids looked, respectfully, up
and we healed the plants that needed to
and jokes we cracked in this place that was, to me, new
and as my time to fly came again
i bid farewell to myself, to my friend
and their proud looks meant so much to me
and my open wings took me somewhere i'd never seen

and in the open cold skies, i was not alone
above all, i was above no one

as i landed on a small island
waiting for me was no old friend
nor an old version or lost part of me
it was my future that i could see
and she was kinder than i to myself
and as i told her all, she said "well,
your journey this night comes to an end"
and she hugged me like an old friend

and around us, everyone and everything
i had met in this one dream
appeared to wish me a safe return home
to remind me i'd never be alone

and as they faded again into the air
my future lovingly kissed my forehead
and in the early morning, i opened my eyes again
and in the cold air of early morning rain
i knew i was alive
i knew it was my time
and joy overtook me

and it was as beautiful as my dream.
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