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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Dark · #2272521
After going on a hateful tirade, Karma comes at you in the form of legal action!
It was May 2022, and you were just watching the news. In the news, they talked about how Texas might have rolling blackouts because of the intense heat wave this weekend and the power grid's instability. Many people are mad because they have been telling the Governor to please fix the power grid since it was heavily damaged in 2021. As you continue to watch the news, you hear another blood curling scream from your mother's bedroom. You run in there and ask what is wrong and she, while she is trembling heavily, points to your brother's post on Twitter. In it, he talks about buying tickets for the new Dr. Strange movie.

You tell her that you see nothing wrong with it and she goes into hysterics again, yelling "HAVEN'T YOU SEEN THE NEWS?!? IT'S ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE DISNEY MOVIES THAT HAVE...THAT HAVE...THAT HAVE GAY CHARACTERS IN IT AND THAT SHOULD NOT BE OK IN GOD'S EYES AND..." Before she could finish, she let's out another yell before passing out onto the ground in dramatic fashion...

You manage to revive her and give her a glass of water before you later leave that day.
Back home, you hop onto Twitter and confront your brother, telling him that he shouldn't go see the new movie with his roommate and friends because there are gay characters in it and it was banned in countries like Saudi Arabia. You waited quite a long time before you call it a night, thinking your brother did some drugs again and passed out in a ditch somewhere...

The next day, as you were coming into your house from work, you look at your computer and see that your brother has finally responded.

"That's funny, just a month ago, you and the rest of the family fought tooth and nail to try to ban all of those Indian movies because they were "Terrorist Propaganda." And now, here you are, complaining about a Marvel movie simply because...a gay character is in it. Disney has been including gay characters in their recent films for a very long time now, it shouldn't faze you that much. Not to mention, you said that this film was banned in Saudi Arabia, which totally isn't home to the ORIGINAL terrorists, right? But regardless, not only does all this make you all look like humongous hypocrites, but you are also supporting the very enemy that you all have sworn to protect your kids and grand kids from. You should all be ashamed of yourselves!

You roll your eyes and close out of the window before going to grab a beer. About an hour later, you see another post on your brother's Twitter.

"Since you all want to be a bunch of homophobes, allow me to spill some tea on ya'll!"

At first, you didn't know what this means, but about 5-10 minutes later, he posts pictures of what looks like police reports. You don't recognize much of it, but see the highlighted words "Property Damage" and "Trespassing" on them. Then, you see him post a couple of pictures.
Property damage that is totally not caused by careless drivers!

You look at the pictures and go 'wait a minute...THOSE ARE OUR TRAILS!!!' THOSE GODDAMN MOTHER FUCKING PIGS! Not only did they tell your brother about what happened, but THE DAMN COPS GAVE HIM THE PICTURES AS WELL!!!

Just as you were about to blow your gasket, he makes one last post.

"Oh and uh, be sure to check your mail, legal summons are coming your way, courtesy of the property owners you have pissed off! *Wink*"

THAT WAS THE LAST FUCKING STRAW! You chucked your laptop through a window again before flipping the table and going on another rampage, tearing up the inside of your trailer in the process...
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