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by Cygnus
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War drove these self made brothers apart leaving everything up to this fight
Cobba walked along the lonely green field, Cobba was a clight, a humanoid held together by tight vines and the only creature in the universe who has magic running through his very veins. The wind brushed his face and the grass scratched his feet and his cold black eyes persisted forward into nothing like it was something. He stopped and cyan mist started to surround his hands. Then in a split of a second you could hear the boom, something just broke the sound barrier and quickly strikes Cobba. He went flying until the cyan disappeared to the wind creating a gust strong enough to break his fall. "So Its true, It is you and you took the pill" Cobba was now on his feet seeing mass amounts of dust due to the acceleration. then a voice suddenly emerged from the blackness. "I was hoping they would send someone else, but then again it would be dumb of them to send anyone else." His voice was deep and growly. "I supposed this is our punishment for being our best and reaching our potential, Because I don't think your going to back down from this fight". you could now see the large and bulky man with reptilian skin "You wish." "Now come on, we both know that's not the slightest true." A smile emerged from Cobbas face as he spoke. Just as quickly as before the Quarzen disappeared and the sound barrier could be heard but from the opposite direction, Cobba didn't hesitate to drop to the ground and absorb the iron to his body. making a suit of armor moving it with the cyan circling him and his hands. He heard it again but this time Hake flew over him, quickly Cobba jumped up punching him in his back, he stumbled forward striking Cobba before he could strike him again. A constant struggle to land a hit emerged as the two were clearly to agile and strong to land a hit or it doing anything to begin with. Cobba noticing this jumps up using air to rise his body much hire leaving the metal on the ground a well formed punch from Hake. Cobba quickly shot cyan from his fingertips into the metal immediately clasping its self to Hakes skin, you could hear his agonizing screams as he forced it up then jumping as high as Cobba without air magic kicking him about a mile away, then disappeared with a sudden boom. He couldn't see anything because of his speed so when the boom revered himself to his normal speed he was shocked to see a whip of cyan and a sudden stone breaking into him. Hake felt the ground it was soft and a part of him didn't want to get back up then he looked up and saw the grass, he took a deep breath and what came out was a gust of rage, he quickly got up and screamed at Cobba "Why would you choose those Basterds. To go against me, you were the only person I had." Cobba stood their expecting Hake to attack him, now dumbfounded he responds. "Do you think I wanted this, my people were enslaved this is what I have to do." Hake was angry "You had your will It was an agreement until you slaughtered my people, everyone in this universe can use magic but my people, Think about it Cobba if we don't strike first everyone else will catch up to our intellect and well be wiped out." Cobba had a look of disappointment "You changed Hake" Hake started walking away from him "no, the only one who's changed was you" And with a scream Hake disappeared with a boom striking Cobba quickly he emerged grabbing the ground, Suddenly the ground came out of its static form and a golem appeared. it came strait for Cobba, He gathered cyan creating a giant ring then with his other hand a stream of dirt came up his arm and into the ring after a bit it started to thrust titanium shards out at the beast. once it was down Cobba ran up to Hake striking him with a burning metal dagger, instantly burning his flesh. Hake screamed pressing his foot into the ground creating enough pressure to collapse the ground below them. Hake called cyan to his arm healing the large gash. Cobba released a large amount of cyan into a gust of wind, Hake was thrown against a wall then cyan filled his body and started to move. Cobba looked fearful then used another push to make it worse, but it didn't stop him, Hake kept walking forward into the wind until he got close enough to hit Cobba. Cobba was now bleeding against a stone wall. Hake slowly walked over leaving bits of acid as he walked it grew into his hand. "Last chance Cobba" he was heavily out of breath, "You live and leave or you die now." Great sorrow filled Cobbas eyes he paused before answering trying to see if their was anything else he could do. "I'm sorry Hake" A frown filled Hakes face as he strikes down, to his surprise it wasn't Cobba but a gush of magic, "What is this!" It started to consume his body. "I do hope their is a day we see each other again." A ring appeared above Hakes head and a sense of overwhelming fear could be seen in his eyes, "No Cobba Please not like this please, don't do this" "This isn't me" he coughed up some blood "Your the one who took the pill, I'm just speeding it up." Hakes body started to change First would be cyan spilling out of his arms then stopping, his flesh covered the cyan making a new body part. His eyes turned dark and blue, his normal intelligent screams turned to animalistic squealing. His back arced and his face flattened. multiple controllable sharp claws ran across his arm. he was slowly turned into a Monstrous flin, a Magic based life form. "Good bye brother" Cobba lifted his hand and the beast fell deeper into the cave. All alone Cobba laid their then you heard a beep. "Its over, has gone" Within the hour you could hear thrusters just above Cobba would be saved but Hake along with their friendship the truest thing they have ever had, that was gone.
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