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After your opinion changes on a movie you decided to go on an ill-fated trip to the movies
It was midway through the first week of May 2022, and you were getting a bit bored out of your mind. You are also a bit upset because you have been summoned to come to court to answer for the property damage. All that happened was you and some family using your ATVs to get to a grocery store and back without the hassle of cranking up your vehicle or fighting the traffic on the road! Sure, you went through other people's property, but you and the rest of the family didn't think anything was wrong at the time...

Anyways, you are sitting down and watching the news, groaning as you see a segment about the new "Dr. Strange" movie. After watching the segment about the new movie, you thought "You know what, maybe the movie won't be so bad after all. If the sinful part comes in, I will just look away and say a prayer under my breath. I'm sure the Lord will forgive me then!"

That night, you meet up with the family and eat with them at a Japanese Hibachi grill restaurant and tell them of your plans. Everyone, including your mother, tells you to please be careful, there are violent sinners everywhere in this day and age! You had a grand feast that night and proceeded to go home that night to sleep peacefully.

The next day, on a Saturday, you and your girlfriend get inside your truck and head to the movie theater. Your girlfriend gasps before commenting on how full the parking lot is. It has been years since you saw the lot this full. In fact, the last time you saw the lot being this full was before the Pandemic! You spotted your brother's Jeep somewhere in the front row, but because you didn't quite come so early, you had to park a couple of rows behind him. You and your girlfriend then start to head into the movie theater. As you approach the ticket stand to order tickets for the movie, you encounter this...

What the Hell?!? How the fuck did these people sell out of tickets so fast?!? You tried to get tickets for the other times, but unfortunately, they are sold out too...
A movie theater worker tells you that if you have a smart phone, you can order tickets in advance next time by ordering them on the movie theater's mobile app. You snap and cuss up a bit of a storm before you and your girlfriend storm back to your truck in a foul mood...
Because you didn't get a bite to eat, you decided to stop at the nearest bar and grill...Applebee's!

You and your girlfriend get a table and decided to order some spinach and artichoke dip, then ordered yourself chicken and shrimp and your girlfriend got herself a burger! As you eat, you decided to start pounding away at the drinks as well. As you started to get a bit of a buzz, your girlfriend asks if you are feeling OK and you say that you are fine, you just needed a drink! After several bottles of beer, your girlfriend gets concerned and tells you that if you are doing all this drinking because you are this upset over the theater being sold out to please stop! You again lie and tell her that it's nothing before pounding away at more beer...

Later that night, your girlfriend is dragging your ass back into the trailer as you cry your eyeballs out. Never did you think it would be so embarrassing to have tickets sold out on you like that! You also wonder how the hell he got the tickets so easily!

*Star* *Star* *Star* FROM ANOTHER POINT OF VIEW... *Star* *Star* *Star*

It was a beautiful Saturday evening, and you, your children, your sister, and her sons are at a Chic-Fil-A eating chicken nuggets and chicken sandwiches. Everything was peaceful and calm until you suddenly get a phone call from your brother. You pick up the phone and see what he wanted. He was hopping mad and was cussing up a storm because he just got his ass kicked out of the movie theater because he wanted a ticket, but they have sold out for the day. You ask what movie and he talks about the new "Dr. Strange" movie. You tell him that the movie is sinful because of lesbians and he said that the movie "looked good" and that a brother was seeing the movie. He then says that he is about to cool off at an Applebee's before hanging up. After that phone call, you sat there for a good few minutes before you decided to head to the movies yourself. You tell your sister to finish up eating, because you all have a movie to catch now!

On the drive to the movie, your sister keeps pleading with you to stop the madness because the movie theater has sold out of all of today's tickets for the new "Dr. Strange" movie and there was no way in Hell you are getting in. You tell that you are a popular Youtube star and they will gladly let you in without a ticket. Plus, you have a bunch of kids with you, so who is cold blooded enough to deny them? Your sister rolls her eyes before she continues the drive. As you arrive at the theater, your sister flips out again, because the parking lot for the movie theater is nearly full! You tell her to just clam it and park in the back. After you find a parking space, you see your brother's beat-up Jeep and chuckle saying, "Yep, he's here alright!" You then approach the ticket stand and, just like your other brother told you, all the tickets for today has been sold out for "Dr. Strange." Your sister begins to turn around with the kids before you say "No wait, I got an idea!" You proceeded to go into another area where people are picking up movie tickets that they have purchased digitally. You notice the lines at both kiosks are quite long. You then go up to the big, friendly black man who is taking tickets and he smiles at you, saying "tickets please." You tell him that you have left the movie theater earlier, but left the stubs in a theater room. He of course, doesn't buy it and says "Sorry, no ticket, no entry!" You tell him that you did indeed purchase tickets earlier and he asked to show proof on your phone. You tell him that because of a glitch on your phone, it got deleted by mistake. He again, doesn't buy it. You continue to try to make up excuses, even trying to make him feel guilty by going "Listen man, these kids want to see Dr. Strange real badly, and if you don't let them see him, they will have their precious little hearts crushed..."

He again says "Sorry, no ticket, no entry!"
At that point, you snap, block the entry way and go "Listen here fucker, if you don't let me and my kids in to see the movie, I WILL COME BACK THERE AND KICK YOUR ASS YOU MOTHER FUCKING NI-" Before you could finish, he grabs your throat and begins to take you out of the area while staring straight into your eyes with an angry look. You have definitely pissed him off! "Listen chief, when I said 'no tickets, no entry' I mean, NO GODDAMN TICKET, NO GODDAMN ENTRY!!!" He then proceeds to throw your whole group out the door like bags of trash! He then sticks his head out and yells "You better leave, we calling the cops now!" Then slams the door. You snap again and yell "Go ahead, CALL THE GODDAMN COPS, SEE IF I FUCKING CARE!!!" You yell before you punch the glass door out of rage before you sit down nearby with your group. About ten to twenty minutes later, a cop car pulls up and the officers walk inside to talk with the movie theater staff. After another half an hour, an officer approaches you and says "Look, the movie theater doesn't really want to press any charges against you, and they won't if you and your group leaves right now!" At first, you didn't want to, but since you didn't fancy another trip to jail, you oblige and start to head to your sister's vehicle. About twenty minutes later after you have left the movie theater parking lot, you snap again and started to punch and kick every inanimate object within your vicinity inside of your sister's car. Your sister gets mad herself and tells you to knock it the fuck off! You say sorry and start to calm down.

For the rest of the ride home, you sat there, fighting with all of your might not to shed a tear over the humiliation you have suffered through today...
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