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by Bonzo
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Lost luggag takes on a new dimension in Ankara, Turkey
On one of my many business trips that involved a visit to Ankara, Turkey I met one of the most remarkable men I have ever met.
His name was Sabateen Bokeer. I had heard rumers from my boss who had previously travelld to Ankara regarding Mr. Bokeer. According to my boss, Mr. Bokeer had held a top llevel position in the Turkish government. He was retired from government work and had a partnership in this business.
Usually stories are exaggerated so I would take them “with a grain of salt”.

I arrived in Ankara mid way thru a 3-week sales trip meeting with distributors located throughout our middle eastern territory.
When it became apperant that my luggage had not made the flight I filled out the lost luggage forms at the airport and was assured my luggage would arrive by the next morning.
After 2-days with no change of cloths and having to use a Turkish toothbrush and toothpaste that tasted like a mix of baking soda and Borax cleaner I mentioned that I was scheduled to travel to my next destination tomorrow morning so I probably need to purchase a change of cloths.

Sabateen suggeted we drive to the airport and see about my luggage. He pulled up in front of the airport and parked in a restricted parking area and told me he would wait in the car.
After 20-minutes talking with the people in the lost luggage department and getting no where with no information regarding the status of my luggage Sabateen walked in to the airport and asked me what was going on. I informd him I was without my luggage and had no information.

Sabateen told me to wait there and he walked down a hall way and came to a door that had a sign above it that read “Director of Operations”. He knocked a couple of times on the door with his cane and then walked in.
10-minutes later Sabateen walked back to me and told me the director will be assisitng me and he will be with me momentarily and again Sabateen will wait for me in the car.
Shortly a large man in a military uniform that had a lot of pins and ribbons on it approached me and said please to follow him as we quickly walked out of the building and got into a military jeep and drove accros the tarmac, around parked planes and ended up at a huge hanger.

He asked me to follow him and we walked up to a large metal door which he unlocked. When he opened the door and we stepped inside there was a football field sized building full of luggage.
He turned to me and said’”please to find your luggage”.
My head was spinning. Now what? I could spend a week looking for my bag. As I turned to my right, about 20-feet away I found my bag.
I loaded it in the jeep and off we went back to the airport. We pulled up to Sabateens car and the director informed Sabateen I will need to go thru customs.

Sabateen talked with him for a moment and then turned to me and said, “ the director will load your bag into my car, you will not be going thru customs.”

Everything I had heard about Sabateen Bokeer suddenly became not only believable but probably even understated.

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