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This is if luke Lando han and Chewbacca were fed to the sarlacc pit.
Luke skywalker had just killed jabba the hutts rancor. The events play out the same as in the original time-line. Up until Luke is looking down at the mouth of the sarlacc. He tries to jump but before her can get his fingers off the board the weqway. Guard jams his pike onto skywalkers fingers. In an instant he let's go and falls into the sarlaccs wide open mouth. Tasting the young jedi as it passed through to its belly. The sail barge cheered as they watched him disappear into the mouth of the beast. Jabba laughed as he watched the annoying jedi was eaten after killing his favorite pet.

Then han was walked out he didn't know what was going on as he was still suffering from carbon sickness. He was moved out and was forced to leap yelling with fear as the sarlacc opened its mouth seeing feeling its prey falling. And it tasted solo and he was sent to a different belly then Luke. Jabba watched as the smuggler who caused him so many problems was eaten by the sarlacc pit.

Chewbacca roared as he watched his best friend be taken by the tentacle monster. Then he was walked out and was pushed off her roled as the sarlacc opened its mouth to feast on the wookie. It's dry tounge greeting him before swallowing him whole with the others. Jabba laughed at the foolishness of the rebels as he watched them die. Jabba called out "grab the traitor Lando. And let the sarlacc feast on him."

The fat Hutt said laughing. Lando tried to fight but was thrown over. Rolling but grabbed onto a wire. He felt as one of the sarlaccs tentacles grabbed onto him dragging him closer to its wide open mouth. The sail barge was intrigued at the sight. Of Lando being pulled slowly closer to his fate. With one last tug the sarlacc leand over and forced Lando Into its mouth and swallowed him.

They all laughed as they watched the sarlacc eat the rebels. Before they Left they listened to the sarlacc burp. They turned back as leia wepped as she just watched her freinds all but die. In the bellys of the sarlacc pit Luke was impeded into the walls of the stomach and coverd in digestive fluid and was now being poked at by 10s of small tentacles giving him a nurou toxin that kept them all Alive for 1000 years. This happed to them all. They all heard the burp and the sail barge depart as they became imbeded to the walls of the stomach. Where they remained until the pain stopped 1000 years later. The end.
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