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Rated: E · Poetry · Romance/Love · #2272688
When we watch our loved ones stuck
How long
Oh you with curly locks
And such grand desires
And hopes, stuck fast on strange elaborate schemes

You, who have so much at hand
A heart so sweet
So simple in your purest, grandest state,
Imprison your own peace and joy, for some distant unseen date

You, who yearn for so much more
And do not see all that is already simply yours
Set before you like like some sweet and precious fruit
Which you choose, instead, to trodden under foot

Such dreams, which hold you back from all you've had
And bind you to the lies of forked tongued rogues
Whose only trade are clever maps to false and foolish goals
You pay so dear a price for such sad advice

So many simple pleasures you could taste
yet sadly you remain in current state
And I stand beside and watch and morn your fate
How long, dear love, would you have me wait?

Or do i merely nod and let you go?
To chase such things few ever truly hold
To watch my lovers love grow cool and old
Trading what could have been, for sirens calls of thin leafed gold?

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