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Seeking layers of confidence
MAKEUP! The cover UP

Layer by layer, it is so perfect.
With my eyes closed, I can still look different
It is the thickness of the skin I seek
The boldness with which covering up the vulnerability comes
It pumps up the adrenaline, I dare to say “I CAN”
I am stronger. I am fine

At night, plain Jane
The layers; one by one, come off
Each layer pulled off is a mask that I wish I didn’t need
Layers that tell the story of how THEE me scares me
I am scared of answering the whys and how’s
I want to be happy
I want to be seen

The makeup? Yes, it covers vulnerability
Shakes off the past and carries a new light
Darkness never ceases to possess every opportunity
I am tired, I am scared
Tomorrow. Will it come?
What will it carry?


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