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The second installment of A Long Road Ahead
Ch 2 The Fall of a Lifetime

As Daniel gets the tools he needs from the shed he sets off into the late afternoon sun towards the dimly lit tree line that lie on the other side of their land. Here sits the family cemetery. For decades many members of Daniels family have been laid to rest under the great branches of the trees in this majestic forest. Fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers all made equal in their end of days and the harsh cold of the soil. This place had always been a place that Daniel never dared to visit as he was afraid of what he may find there. However, today he was willing to anything to escape the cries of his sorrow filled mother and the memory of the tragic incident that had just occurred. As Daniel reached the clearing where he knew the graves were located a chill went up his spine. He always knew that this place had a different energy about it and that something here was not right, not in the least. Despite this feeling of unease Daniel pushed on past the tombstones of his long lost relatives and found a clearing where there were no stones. The light from the setting sun was hitting the tree tops of the area in such a way that the light was a somber mix of yellows and oranges with a background of the beautiful tall trees. Daniel knew that this place was the perfect spot to bury his dear sister who he truly loved. As Daniel began to dig he began to cry thinking about all of the good times that he and his sister had in the short time that was her life. From bringing home new baby animals, to playing jokes on their siblings and father the two were a team of troublemakers that the world had never seen.

However, all of that was over. Daniels troublemaking had brought his sisters life to a screeching halt. His boredom, laziness and carelessness had created a new hole not in just his heart but in the heart of those who knew and loved his sister. As Daniel got deeper and deeper into the hole he wept harder and harder the tears now streaming down his face as if it were raining on only his face. All the while muttering to himself how he wished he had found some other way to entertain himself instead of dragging his sister down with him. Daniel dug for what seemed like hours until he had created a hole big enough for his sister and a few of her items that would be placed with her in tribute such as her doll Elisa. After completing the hole Daniel was exhausted, he could barely feel his hands that were not blistered from the poor condition of his shovel along with the mental toll that his thoughts had been doing to him throughout the ordeal. Daniel then climbed up out of the hole sitting on the lip with his legs dangling in.

As Daniel sat on the ledge he began to think of his sister again, this time wishing he could take it all back and take her place instead. All of a sudden a voice came from the trees. The voice was that of an old woman's, it was harsh and hurt Daniels ears when it spoke. The voice told Daniel that there was in fact a way that he could get his sister back though it would not be easy. Hearing these words Daniel straightened his back and listened interested in the proposition. The voice explained that Daniel would have to face his fears and emotions in order to reclaim his sisters soul. He would have to face his fear, anger, sadness and remorse in order to bring his family back to full. Upon hearing this deal Daniel immediately accepted the deal though he did not fully understand what the voice meant. With the confirmation of his willing, there was a sudden shove at Daniels back causing him to fall into the fresh grave that was meant for his sister. Expecting to hit the hard, compact soil just a few feet below him Daniel braced his arms to catch his fall. However, there was nothing. As Daniel reached out his arms the air continued to rush by them, minuets passed and still nothing. Daniel opened his eyes to nothing but blackness all around him. Though he could no longer see the sides of the grave or anything around him he could still feel that he was moving by all of the air rushing by him at seemingly break neck speeds. Confused Daniel accepted his fate and let his body go limp and allowed the rushing air to render him unconscious as his lifeless body resembling his sisters fell like a stone dropped from a tall building. Though oddly enough for the fist time since the accident this moment of nothing had given Daniel a moment of calm and reflection, as he welcomed the end Daniel felt that at least a little part of him was at piece.
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