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by Cindy
Rated: E · Poetry · Entertainment · #2272723
A poem about the MOBA game Mobile Legend.
Welcome to the Land of Dawn
Where mythical creatures thrive and spawn
A known battlefield for heroes of the vast land -
The orient fighters of Cadia Riverlands
The minos that tread in the desert of Agelta
The elves that thrive in the lush forest of Izirea
The warriors of the picturesque Vonetis
The outrageous creatures in the Abyss
From the land of despair - the Barren dale
And the icy place of Northern Vale
From the mighty empire of the Moniyan,
Heroes gather to defend and fight as one.

These heroes have their stories to tell
If you happen to hear, you would know them well
One may appear either a villain or a rebel
Yet, they too, have tasted the life’s peril.

Note: This is a poem based on a MOBA game Mobile Legends.

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