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In Other Times for Writer's Cramp

In Other Times
32 lines

Sam Adams
Had spent half of his life
On the other side of the world.

Stuck in another time zone
Hours from his native land.

When he called home
It was always a bad time
Either for him or them.

For many years he had worked
For the U.S. State Department
Often had to make death calls.

Always difficult timing
The best time would be 5:30 a.m.
Local time in the U.S.
About 5;30 pm closing time

That is when most people
Might pick up the phone
Thinking it might be important
Before heading out the door.

No one was prepared
To receive such a call
At any hour of the day or time.

And Sam was always
Stuck in the other time zone.

NEW PROMPT DUE 17 hours 20 minutes 9 seconds
I'm currently enjoying a family visit at the beach in a different time zone than I'm usually in, which makes remembering to judge The Cramp on time a challenge! Write your STORY or POEM about someone having difficulty adjusting to a time change. Use COMEDY as one of your genres.

Make sure you include your word count for stories (1000 words or less) or a line count for poems (40 lines or less) IN your forum post with the b-item link to your entry to be a qualified entry.

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